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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Q and A

-I want to start off by sayint that I am so sorry about asking for feedback on Parker/Alik's name, and then not giving you the pronounciation. Alik would be pronounced like Alec(Alec Baldwin). That pronounciation is pretty much identical to how is real name is pronounced, just with a different spelling. So essentially, we would be changing the spelling, not what he is called. If we spelled his real name in the states the way it is spelled here, he would be called something totally different. While Alik is a Russian name, it would probably be prounounced differently over here than we would say it at home(in the states it would be Alec, here is would probably be said, AH Leek). Anyway, we are still discussing it, but I'll let you know what we decide. I agree with Becky, though, when she said that Parker never really fit him. I've felt that way all along. Parker is a great name and perfect for an adorable little boy, but it still didn't seem to fit him for some reason. If we do change it from Parker to Alik(or Alek, or Alec....), then we would most likely keep what would have been his middle name if he would have been Parker, which is Reid.(You can breathe a sigh of relief, Jordi.)

-How long will we be here?/What is out time frame?

When we left to come here, we were planning on being here 3 weeks. 2.5 is pretty much the average for an adoption from this country for your first trip. We were counting on 3 weeks because of having to have an extra SDA appointment to get Parker's referral. Since we were able to get all the referrals at once(PRAISE THE LORD!!), we were hoping to only be here for 2.5 weeks for this first trip. But, as of right now, it is looking like we will be here at least 3 weeks this first time. Since we are adopting 3, that means more paperwork, more time for each office to review and approve our paperwork, etc. So that adds a day or two here and there. Right now we are waiting for our papers to be approved by the SDA and then they will assign us a court date. Marina(our facilitator) said that the SDA should be able to review and approve us in the next day or two, and then we will know what our court date is. The date and judge are assigned randomly by a computer in the capitol city, so be praying that we get a quick date with a judge that is experienced with international adoption. If we get a judge that is not experienced with international adoption our date could be pushed back farther and farther for a million different reason. Pray for a speedy court date with the right judge.

AFTER court, we will come home for 10 days(they have a waiting period in this country). When the waiting period is over, my mom and I will come back to get the kids out of the orphanage and do a ton more paperwork to get them OUT of their old country and INTO their new country. I'll explain more about all of that as the time gets closer.

-How is Luke, is he still sick?

No, thankfully, he is much better! He sounds stopped up when we talk to the kids on skype, but my sister said that he is acting normal and feels fine. He seems to feel totally fine(he doesn't even seem that homesick), so I guess he's just got some sinus stuff going.

-Can you donate the baby food to the orphanage?

I don't know, but I'm going to find out! I hope so!

I can't remember any other questions. If you have any question at all feel free to ask!

I'll leave you with a few facts and tid bits of info:
Josslyn's eyes are blue. Daniel's are brown. Parker's are green.

I have finally gotten used to how tiny they all are. TINY!

Josslyn says, "Dada, and "bye" in english. Daniel says, "bye" and "more" in english. Parker doesn't say anything at all in english, but is understanding more and more what we are saying.

Kellen is saying, "da" and "papa" in Russian. Go figure.

Speaking of, Kellen just woke up from a nap so I gotta run! More later!


Micah said...

Alik Reid Carlin. :D Love it!
I wish we could "tell" how tiny they are. I can't imagine the difference in Alik and Landon. From the looks of the pictures and videos yesterday Alik enjoys being outside. He and Landon are going to hit it off!

Patty said...

I love it too; it's one of my favorite names anyway, but Alik Reid Carlin seems like a really nice fit for him in every way. We'll be praying for the judge!

Shari79 said...

I like Alik, I would change the spelling to a more American spelling so he won't constantly be having to spell it for people or correct their pronounciation.

Jordi said...

YES!!!! Thank goodness! lol I totally think he looks more like Alec. In his Reese Rainbow picture he looks like a Parker but not in the pictures you have posted! I love it! When you get back i'm going to come over to play with Luke and Ray!

Anonymous said...

Definately an Alec. Sorry but Alik will be called Ah Leek by everyone. I tried something similar with my boy's name and now wish I had just used a common spelling...I spelled typical name Jonas as Jonus and for some reason everyone and I mean everyone who reads his name calls him "John us"! Most kids in his daycare call him 'Johnny' and that is what he tells people his name is. And sorry all you John's out there but I don't like that name so frustrating!

Reece's Rainbow said...

'Dada' is 'man' in Russian. I know Alina called every man 'Dada' forever and we sometimes had to explain to people that she was saying Man, not dad. :)

Becky said...

Ack, that posted as RR, sorry! You can delete that one.
'Dada' is 'man' in Russian. I know Alina called every man 'Dada' forever and we sometimes had to explain to people that she was saying Man, not dad. :)

David and Carolyn said...

I like Alik. It means "strong defender". We'll be praying for your court appearance and a good judge. Sorry to hear about the bed :( Oh well when you come back you can bring a sheet :) Before you know it Jessica you'll be home with the whole family rejoicing with all your blessings !