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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last Minute Jitters

We had our last visit with "Parker" last night.

We had our last visit with Daniel and Josslyn this morning.

Barring any unforeseen turn of events at our hearing this afternoon, the next time I see those kiddos they will officially be Carlins!

I wasn't real sad when I said my last "paka" for 10 days.  This is just part of the journey, and it is exciting to think that even though I won't see them for a little while, this just means we are one giant step closer to getting them home.

Court is just a few short hours away.  I woke up with the jitters.  I have been so calm, up until this point, when I thought about our court hearing.  But as I layed in bed this morning it hit me....This is it.  This is what we've been fighting for.  Today it will become official.  All those months of paperwork and stress and worry will mean something LEGAL today.  Something permenant.  As a friend said to us this morning, "This is as closest thing you get to have to the birth of your children."  We didn't get to be there at the hospital when they were born.  The moment of your child's birth is when you officially start your life with them.  Today, we will officially be the beginning of our lives with our 3 new children.  It might not be the day of their birth into this world, but it is the day of their birth into our family.

My prayer for our hearing today is that those present will realize that "Parker", Daniel, and Josslyn have the opportunity and potential to have full and wonderful life.  I pray that those present will see that the kid's medical "conditions" do not lessen their value as a human being.  And most of all, I pray that the judge will see us fit to be their parents and legal grant it so.


Annette said...

Breath deep in the glory of your Father! He has brought you to the last turn of the race and one step closer to the finish line. Praying for the judge NOW! Can not wait to see ya'll.

David and Carolyn said...

Praying for you :)

Mel said...

You know I'm praying Jessica! God will be there with you in that room as well, don't forget that. Marina is a wonderful facilitator, and she will help you get through it too. We love you and can't wait for your announcement that the Carlins have grown by THREE!!

Micah said...

Been praying for you to take deep breaths! I hope it is all going very smoothly. Praying even still.
God is being glorified. The Holy Spirit ever present.
Thank you Jesus!

melanie said...

Just praying, sweetie. I went to bed praying and woke up praying and anxious to check in. I'm thinking of the "jitters" I felt while at the hospital waiting for my kids to be born (and outright terror with one of them ... LOL) and I'm sure it's that same feeling! How awesome ... and nervewracking at the same time!

Love you girl, and praying ...

Denise said...

Prayers have been ongoing since last night. Jitters are so understandable at this stage. You have a lot going on right now. We will be praying for you guys that your trip home is smooth and that while you are here waiting to return to fetch the new Carlins that you are at peace knowing you will soon all be together. We LOVE YOU GUYS and can't wait to see you.

Someone Being Me said...

Yay! Praying for peace for you. Just remember God has perfect timing. I just have to ask if those boys in the picture with Parker are RR kids? They look so familiar.