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Friday, April 1, 2011

No Parker :(

Well, we didn't get to see Parker today.  Boo.  There was some confusion between us and our driver about where he was supposed to take us, so we ended up in the wrong place.  We ended up deciding to just stay at the baby house and visit Daniel and Josslyn, instead of trying to get over to Parker's orphanage to see him.  I was disappointed, but maybe it all happened for a reason.  Maybe Parker needed another day to feel better.  I don't know.  Either way, we are going to see him twice tomorrow, which is good, but it means that we won't get to see Daniel and Josslyn tomorrow.  That is a bummer.

Our afternoon visit with the kids went great!  When we picked them up from their rooms there were happy to see us.  We told their nannies that we wanted to take them outside, so of course the nannies bundled them up like it was snowing.  We took them out on the playground and all three(Daniel, Josslyn, and Kellen) had alot of fun.  Their playgound is nicer than you would think it would be.  It is a mixture of OLD iron playground equipment that even though the paint is half chipped off it could probably survive another 50 years, and some new equipment too.  The playground is not up to "American" safety standards, for sure.  But what can you do?  When in Rome, eh?

The slide was a major hit.  They did that over and over.  There was a little bit of "orphanage behavior" going on.  Daniel kept trying to cut in front of Josslyn, and Josslyn kept, uh, nugging Daniel down the slide.  I guess it was pay back for cutting in front of her.  We handled it the best we could, with the language barrier and all.  Part of the problem was, they both thought it was funny.  Going to have to work on that.
Josslyn is so cute, and quite the little dare devil. 

She started smiling more this morning, and by this afternoon she was all smiles!  Laughing out loud and everything!  During our visitation this morning one of the nannies walked through the visitation area.  Josslyn ran over to her to show her where she had her blood drawn.  The nanny asked(with gestures and a few words) if we were adopting her.  I said yes and she started grinning from ear to ear and gave me a thumbs up.  She gestured that Josslyn's face is lit up since we have been there.  I have noticed that, but it was good to hear from someone that sees her day in and day out.

All smiles

I took a ton of pictures of Daniel, but man is it hard to get a good picture of that boy!  He is too busy for pictures!  Just when I think I got a good one, he is off to the next thing. Busy bee!

Once we were back inside, Josslyn's hair bow fell out.  She thought that it would be a great idea to try to fix my hair.  At first she tried to fix mine just like her's, with a little pony tail on top.  Then she moved on to pony tails in the back.  She knew what she was doing!  It was so fun to have her playing with my hair!

She's concentrating.  Look at that tongue!

Pretending to talk on a cell phone

Visitation was great!  I am really excited to get to see Parker tomorrow.  I hope that Daniel and Josslyn don't think that we aren't coming back, though.  Kellen has done so super great it is unbelievable!  He didn't want to leave the orphanage.  Guess he thinks it looks like fun with all the kids there.

I also have another hilarious tid bit of information.  The Daniel and Josslyn started calling Josh a Dada today.  They call him papa too, but mostly dada, now.  Kellen, on the other hand, started calling Josh, Papa today.  Not only does he call him papa, but he says it with a Russian accent.  We were falling out laughing earlier.  At this rate, by the time we get home Kellen will only be speaking Russian!


Shannon said...

Oh, so disappointing not to see Parker today :(. But obviously Danil & Josslyn are eating up the mama & dada time. Hopefully you'll have a GREAT first 'real' visit with Parker.

Hey, are you calling D & J by those names, or by their birth names, and how are they responding to that? Just curious.

Love the pics!

Mel said...

OHHHH I hadn't thought of that!! Wouldn't it be funny if Kellen DID start speaking Russian!? hehe I just love to see them SMILING!!!

Shari79 said...

Wow, Josslyn is a BEAUTIFUL little girl! I've always thought she is very pretty, from her pictures, but that gorgeous smile just lights up her whole face! I can see why they put her on the billboard! Did you get a chance to see it yet? And oh my what a ball of love and ENERGY! He sounds like such a stereotypical little boy! He is so cute. Can't wait to see more of your visits with Parker tomorrow! I haven't been following from the beginning...can you share their ages?

Becky said...

Trusting Daddy on the timing with Parker. Gotta admit to a *little* foot-stamping about it, though. :) The time with Daniel and Josslyn is precious, though. They look like they're just eating up the love of their very own family! (and, it looks like the two grown-ups are a little giddy with the little guys' lovin', too!)

Jennifer Douga said...

Yay! More pics. I love to look at your beautiful kids. Can't wait to hear about your visit with Parker. Praying that he is all well. Love y'all!!!