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Friday, April 1, 2011

Morning Visit

This morning we went back to the baby house to visit Daniel and Josslyn.  We can visit the kids twice a day, and the visitation time is the same at both orphanages.  So that means that we can only visit each child once a day.  Ahead of time, Josh and I decided that it would probably be best to visit Daniel and Josslyn in the morning and Parker in the afternoon. 

Since we have been in the kid's region, we have had an awesome driver named Ramone.  This guy is awesome!  He doesn't speak english as well as our other driver, Eugene, but he speaks it well enough that we can comunicate.  When ever Kellen starts to fuss a bit, Ramone turns on some children's music that he had on C.D. and starts singing along.  It is  Kellen seems to really like it too.  The music just cracks me up AND it entertains Kellen, so this morning I asked Josh if he could try to find it on youtube to play it for Kellen.  He couldn't find it, but he did find some Seasame Street in Russian.  Up until this point Kellen hasn't been a tv watcher at all.  If Luke and Ray are watching tv he never seems to take an  interest in it.  But when Josh turned on the Russian Seasame Street, the boy was glued to it.

Kellen watching Seasame Russian

(Pardon the mess on our couch.  I was folding laundry.)

Who knew the boy was part Eastern European?!  It is fitting though, because I swear that he has been babbling in Russian ever since we got here.  He is even saying "Da"(yes, in Russian).  It might just be my imagination, but he talking sounds distictly Russian to me.

2nd Visit:  Our second visit with the kids went great!  When we got there dropped of our stuff in the visitation room and went to get the kids.  Josh got Josslyn and I got Daniel.  When Josh opened the door to Josslyn's groupa room I could hear her yell, "DADA!!".  She waited for the nanny's ok to get up and go to Josh.  When she gave it, Josslyn got up and ran to him.  I wish I could have seen it! 

I went to Daniel's groupa room to get him.  The children(about 12-14 of them) were sitting in chairs and singing while one of the nannies played the piano.  When I walked it they told Daniel that his mama was there.  He was sitting the closest to the paino.  That boy really loves music!  When they told him I was there, he stood up and let out a yell.  It was too funny!

I THINK that the blue on her lip is medicine.  The day we met her I saw it and I thought that it was a stain from candy or something she had eaten.  But yesterday I noticed that she has a little fever blister on her mouth, so I think that it is some kind of medicine or something.

Josslyn was really happy to see me when I got back to the visitation room with Daniel.  She yelled, "mama!" and ran to me and gave me a big hug.  She was stuck to me like velcro after that.  The only time she would let go of me was when any of the nannies would walk through the room.  She would run up to them, pull up her sleeve, and show them her arm. The nannies would pat her arm or give it a kiss. I took a few times for me to realize that she was showing them where she had her blood drawn that morning for her adoption medicals. 

Daniel was Mr Busy Bee again.  He found a baby doll that we had brought from Josslyn to play with.  He took it in the playhouse and did a puppet show.  It was ADORABLE!!  I would give anything to know what he was saying!!

Daniel and Kellen in the playhouse

Daniel's favorite game is "I'll run away and you try to catch me".  Josslyn caught on to it by the end of the visit.  They thought it was hilarious when we would catch them and carry them back.

Later this afternoon we are going to visit Parker.  It will be really nice to get to spend some time with him in a low keep environment.  We have only seen him for out 10 minutes!!  I'll post pictures later tonight when we get back to the apartment.



Micah said...

loving all those smiles! Anxious to see and read about Parker :D
By the looks of that last picture.... its a good thing you're young and have LOTS of energy. lol

Micah said...
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Shannon said...

Okay, so I wonder if Sesame Street in Russian is available on Amazon? haha. I miss Kellen - and I miss you guys!

juli said...

thank you for being an amazing updating love seeing the pictures and look forward to your updates.


Lisa (DanielsMommy) said...

I am really enjoying reading about your visits!!! Our Daniel's are SO alike. My Daniel spends hours doing puppet shows and making characters talk to each other. His 2 fav's are his "tiny Buzz" and "tiny Woody"...I stress 'tiny' becauase he has larger characters and don't you dare try and give the big ones to him to play with...he wants the 'tiny' ones!!! Your Daniel is one smart cookie...pretend play like he is doing is a very big milestone for our kids!!! Josslyn is just a princess, so dainty and sweet. I also can't wait to hear about your visit with Parker. Praying he feels better and enjoys the visit!!!

Heather said...

SO PRECIOUS!! Keep blogging, friend...this is AWESOME!!!!!!!

Ben and Melanie said...

Tears,,,Thanks for sharing!


Nan and Dan said...

so so cute!!