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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pictures....and Puke

Our visit with Parker, yesterday afternoon, went well.  He's kind of like and onion and we are peeling away one layer at a time.  I have to give Josh all the credit for the progress that was made with Parker yesterday.  Josh was done so amazing with the kids.  He is an excellent dad at home, but this is a whole new ballgame, so I wasn't sure exactly what to expect from him.  He has been beyond great.  It is like he was made to do this.  Parker responds better to Josh, than he does to me(Daniel and Josslyn are the opposite).  Yesterday, for our visit with Parker, I was out of tricks.  He doesn't have a problem being around us at all.  In fact, he always seems happy to see us.  Besides a little bit of talking(in a language that we do not understand), he doesn't really interact with us.

Yesterday though, Josh made a major break through with him.  Josh had a little ball, and after much coaxing, Parker began to play ball with him.  They played ball for a loooooong time.  Parker LOVED it.  Josh also got Parker to tell us what different items were, in Russian, by using the Russian words he knew.  For example, we know "phone" and "car" in Russian.  Josh would pick up something,(like a shoe), and hold it up to his ear like it was a phone while saying phone in Russian.  Parker would giggle and yell, "Nyet!!!"(NO), and then say the Russian word for what ever the item was.  The game helped us learn new words, allowed Parker to interact with us, and he loved it!  Win/win/win.   Josh seriously is cut out for this.  He is like an orphan parenting genius. I literally have never been so impressed with this man, and he has done some pretty impressive things since I've known him. 

This morning as we were pulling up the Daniel and Josslyn's orphanage, Kellen puked again.  After he threw up in the car yesterday he seemed fine the rest of the day, so I thought he was over whatever it was.  Apparently not.  He barfed all over himself and me.  Nasty.  I was actually TRYING to keep the puke on me, as opposed to getting on Roman's car.  His car is his livelyhood, so I would hate to get barf all over his seats.  Might hurt business. 

So there we were.  In front of the orphanage and Kellen and I were covered in puke again.  Josh told Roman to bring me back to the apartment, and that he would stay for visitation.  We only get one visitation time a day at each orphanage, since we are dividing up our time.  We didn't see Daniel and Josslyn all day yesterday because of Kellen's puking episode.  We hated to miss another entire day of seeing them.  So Josh stayed, and Kellen and I came back to the apartment.  He hasn't puked since, of course.  Roman seems to think that Kellen has car sickness.  I think he just has crazy taxi driver sickness. 

Whether it is car sickness, crazy taxi driver sickenss, a bug, or something he eat, regardless Kellen isn't going to visit Parker this afternoon.  Josh is going to stay home with him and I am going to see Parker.  It is a little warmer outside today, so maybe they will let me take him outside.

I'll post again later.  For now I'll leave you with some random pictures.(Luke and Ray love the pictures.  We skype with them at night and they are always asking for more pictures.  Feel free so skip the pictures.)
Oh, and tonight I am going to ask for some feedback about Parker's name.  We are still trying to decide what it should permenately be..... Stay tuned.

I love that he is smiling at Kellen.  So sweet.
I'm guessing that is Russian for, "happy meal" ??
Lovin' on Daddy.  He's my little lover boy.
(This one is for Luke)
Pirates of the Caribbean 4!!!

What I do when I am missing Luke and Ray.

(In a coffee shop in the mall)
See, he does have hair!!

Look, Luke and Ray, fried egg candy!

That's all for now, folks!


Becky said...

Love the pics! Kellen's hair is too adorable. And what an absolute blessing to see how God has put you and Josh together as a team in this; amazing how your strengths so beautifully compliment each other. Almost like it was planned that way, no? ;-P Praying that you and Kellen remain puke-free (even if the blog titles do give me a giggle) and that your solo visit with Parker is a huge encouragement to both of you. Love and hugs!!!

Micah said...

Poor KK!!! :(
Maybe you can arm yourself with a trash bag and a roll of paper towels tomorrow~! lol Bless his heart.
Praying right now that your visit with Parker will be exactly what you both need. Love his smiling pic with Kellen. And can't wait to hear what you decide to call him. Well ALL of them for that matter!
Love all the pictures... I'm with Luke and Ray... MORE pictures! :D

Shannon said...

Great post! You do have an amazing husband, there... I'm glad to hear about the progress with Parker. I was wondering if you were skyping with the kids every night... I can only imagine how much you miss them!!

Bring a barf-bag in the car tomorrow! ;P

Micah said...

one more thing... and I think I speak for ALL of us...
Thank you for not posting pictures of the puke. We love ya and all but that would just cross the line.