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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Riding it Out

*Before I start I have a prayer request. Yesterday my very pregnant cousin evacuted to Grapevine, Texas. She is due on Sept 3 with her first child. Earlier this week her doctor gave her all her records and they got her set up with a doctor in Grapevine just incase we did end up having to evacute and she ended up having the baby while evacuated.

Well she was feeling weird and went straight to the hospital when her and her husband got to Grapevine last night. After checking her they realized that the baby was in great distress and quickly rushed her to have a emergency c-section.

Baby Weston was born at midnight, weighing 5lb, 14 oz. He has some lung and heart problems and is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Keep both my cousin, Kami and baby Weston in your prayers.*

I thought that I'd update to let everyone know what we decided to do.

We decided to wait until this morning to make a decision about when/if we would leave. After getting up and assessing the situation, we decided that we are going to stay. If we lose power as the storm moves through then we will leave at that point. Either Josh or I will get up and check on the latest predictions at 5am. The only way that we will leave before it makes landfall is if when we check the status in the morning Gustav has taken a drastic turn to the west.

Since the majority of my friends and family are evacuated(the evacuation is still mandatory), so I am posting some pictures for them so that they can see what is going on here(that is if they have internet access where ever they are.

This first picture is of the Market Basket on 27th Street. The majority of businesses and about 1/3 of the homes are boarded up.

This is the Hwy 69 and Hwy 365 intersection. We were the only car in sight at that point. It was rather creepy.

This is one of the Wal-Mart entrances. They are closed and braced for the storm. It was also weird to see the parking lot completely empty. It is open 24 hours, so I have never seen the parking lot empty.

This is what most of the gas stations look like. Alot are out of gas, and the rest are just closed. We saw 3 open gas stations. Th only open business is HEB and it is packed! I braved the crowds and bought some groceries earlier today. I cleaned out my fridge and freezer and when we bought groceries saturday we only got dry goods. So I needed eggs, meat, ect.

As long as we don't lose power or internet then I will kept things updated.


krysinchina said...

I was gonna call you yesterday to say that we stayed here too. We also made an HEB run last night, but it was mostly because we were bored :) I'll be praying for your cousin and the baby for sure.

MamaJ said...

Hey, we stayed here too! We went to HEB this morning & it was still packed. We also ate at Grand Buffet last night, ha.

Heather said...

I'm confused. Didn't I get a myspace message from you saying you were in Branson?

I will be praying for Baby Weston!