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Monday, May 16, 2011

Our New Life

Daddy and his girls, hunting lady bugs after bath time
Luke and Josslyn
Ray and Joss

Daddy and ALL the kids, watching the Ukrainian Power Puppets
(yes, my living room is a disaster.  Sorry.)

Danil loves sliding

Ray and Joss swinging, in matching clothes

My sweet little twins

He is such a joy

The twins concentrating on looney toons

All I have time for is a few pictures.  I'll post more pictures and more details soon. 


Heidi said...

Please, sister, that is NOT a disaster living room! I could beat that right now, and I'm about to walk away from it and go to bed! LOL Love seeing the pics, glad all is well! How is Parker doing with it all? Praying for y'all! :)

Mel said...

LOOK at those smiles!!! LOOK at all of your kids HOME & TOGETHER!!! Jessica, I'm so thrilled. They all just look like they have been together all along! YAY!!

Mike M said...

These are great pictures, what a beautiful family. They are all great kids. The pic of Daniel falling asleep with his top half on the bed and his feet on the floor was adorable, poor little guy was so tired he feel asleep getting to bed. I know just how he feels, I feel the same way most mornings when I get home from work! They all seem so happy you are so blessed!

Deb S said...

He might be looking for "input" that a small space gives him. Aside from containment like you are thinking, and as the other poster mentioned about small spaces,you might try a weighted blanket. You can make one with 2 pieces of fleece sewn together with squares like a quilt and something heavy inside the squares that is washable like plastic beads. I'm not sure about choking risk in your situation if the blanket opened up.
This link will give you an idea.
maybe you can modify the idea for your needs?

Katie said...

I am in tears -- seriously -- about Mr. Danil. Thank you for rescuing him. :)

Life On Planet Earth said...

Cannot even EXPLAIN how much I am loving these pictures right now :) Can't wait for the details.

Anonymous said...

So HAPPY for Alik!!! I have prayed for him many times and I am so pleased the Lord led your family to him. Soon Kirk will be home too! Both boys touched my heart. Everyone looks happy. I have 6 kids too (4girls & 2boys); it keeps life interesting to say the least. I look forward to your updates. God bless you all!!!

Emi said...

So happy for your family! the kids look great togheter! I'm glad the kids are doing well, your family is always in my prayers.