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Monday, May 16, 2011

My Crazy Sleeper

We've got a crazy sleeper on our hands!  The day I got the kids out of the orphanage(GOTCHA DAY!!), one of Danil's nannys told me(via Marina) that Danil moves alot in his sleep and needs to be in a crib.  Luke is a crazy sleeper, so I was thinking "yeah, yeah.  I know how to handle a wild sleeper."  During our few days in Kiev, I did notice that Danil moved alot in his sleep.  I could really tell how much though, because he slept on a pallet on the floor in a semi-contained space.  It just seemed like to me that he spun around in circles in his sleep.  Once I got him home and sleeping in a bed is when I saw how crazy of a sleeper he really is.  We have found him sleeping in so many different positions, that Josh and I decided to take pictures of some of them. 

Here he is sitting up and using his bed as a pillow.
(Oh, and don't you just love the chalkboard dresser that Micah, from Shabby Shae, made??  My kids sure love it!)

Now this one really shocked us!  Josh went to check on the kids before we went to bed a couple of nights ago and immediately called me to come and see.
UNDER the bed!!
I just could not believe that he was sleeping UNDER the bed.  We got him out(after taking pictures, of course), and put him back to bed. 
Five minutes later Josh went to check on him again and this is what he found.
BACK under the bed!!
I was worried that he was going to get stuck under there during the night, so we blocked the opening with a pillow so that he couldn't get under there.
Upside down

Hanging off the bed.  Asleep.
(note the pillow blocking the space under the bed)
We thought that the "under the toddler bed" thing was the craziest it could possibly get....until last night.  Josh went in to check the kids before we went to bed and he couldn't find Danil for a few minutes.  He ended up getting a flashlight and found him under Alik and Luke's bunk beds!!

This gives you an idea of where his bed is and where we found him.
(And yes, Luke is under those blankets somewhere on the top bunk.  He sleeps like a mummy.)
We got him out and put him back to bed, but he almost immediately wiggled down to the floor.  We blocked both beds with pillows so that he couldn't get underneath them and just let him be.

Looks like he's praying

Finding him under the boy's bunk beds really freaked me out, so now I am re-thinking the crib option.  I'm worried that he is going to get himself stuck somewhere during the night and get scared.  Maybe it is just because I am clausterphobic and I know that I would literally DIE if I woke up under a bed like that, but regardless, it freaks me out.

Jury is still out on the crib option.  I'll let you know what we decided....


Elissa said...

That is funny and scarey all at the same time! I just hope you don't find him outside or something one of these mornings. I think my favorites are the half-on half-off the bed. I have no idea how kids can do that, but I guess if he's tired he's tired right?!

Shannon said...

This is so, so funny. Apparently he needs a cave to sleep in. :)

Micah said...

LOL that boy! I can't believe he gets ANY rest. I'm surprised he isn't fussy all day. Looks like a crib might be a good option unless he can crawl out of it during the night.
I am giggling at all his positions though. I'm with you on the under bed FREAK OUT. Nuh uh, no way. Me and tight spaces do NOT jive.

Micah said...

Hey, I wonder if they still sell those bed tents? Maybe he NEEDS a small space.

Sarah said...

Since I'm not the one who has to deal with this, I find it utterly hilarious.
What a goofy little boy! Mmm, yeah, I'm thinking crib is probably the answer on this one.


Denise said...

Oh this brings me to tears just looking at their beautiful happy faces. Can't wait to see them again. I was thinking maybe the under the bed sleeping is his way of hiding hehe. He seems so mischevious. A crib might put you at peace though. I am sure you will figure out what is best. You are a great MOMMY and you know your kiddos better than anyone. Love you.

Shari79 said...

Absolutely hilarious! He must like the comfort of sleeping under something and feeling "contained". I wonder if you put a tent type thing over his bed if he would stay in it? I was actually looking for the same thing for my son yesterday and saw several options on for twin size beds...If his bed is a toddler size, I wonder if a crib tent would work over it?

erikatx said...

that is way too funny! (side note: I have an almost 2 yr old with Ds, our little ones are prone to sleep apnea and they tend to be pretty restless sleepers! I am sure if Ethan wasnt in his bed, I would probably find him in under his crib as well -funny pics!)

Sarah B. said...

Hello! While I am not a parent I have worked with special needs children and have a bed suggestion. Many different companies make tents that go over the bed in many fun designs and characters! I would suggest physically shopping for one instead of online so you can check out how secure it really is and if it would safely contain your little guy. These tents are great for maintaining the "big boy bed" experience while making sure your child is safe! Welcome home, it has been wonderful to follow your journey!
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

We dealt with the same thing after my daughter (with Down syndrome) began climbing out of her crib. It didn't matter what we did... she wouldn't stay in a bed.

She got mad at me one day and said "Why can't I just sleep on the floor!"

So I put her mattress on the floor. Now, she stays on her mattress... not under her bed, or hanging off of it... or falling off her bed. The other bed in the room has drawers in the bottom, so she can't go under that either.

4 years later... I've asked her several times about moving to a regular bed and she says "NO WAY."

I guess if that's what works?

She still sleeps on her stomach with her butt in the air very frequently however. lol

Life On Planet Earth said...

He needs a tent bed For Sure! He might be craving the feeling of being enclosed (like the womb?) Ikea has one:

Kyra said...

Not sure if I'm too late on this comment (!) but we have a bed tent for Aidan that we really love:

It is designed to fit over a twin bed and can also be taken apart and transported (for vacations etc.) Haven't tried that one yet but Aidan is a VERY active sleeper and so far this has held up.

Anonymous said...

That Nickel tent looks like a good investment for him. Perhaps a sleep study wont hurt either, to see if he has apnea that wakes him and causes his night restlessness. These photos are hilarious though, but I know his health and safety are the concern!

Anonymous said...

also perhaps a weighted blanket may help keep him still/in bed at night. Those are available online for children with sensory issues. Not saying he has those, but it may actually offer him the sensory and security at night of being in a confined space that will keep him still and allow his body to fully REM at night without disturbances.