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Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Week in Pictures....

with a few explainations.

Ray with a rolly polly in a my little pony car.

Luke doing school.
(Yep, he's squatting, on a stool, at the table.  It's homeschool.)

Ray and Alik bug hunting.

Danil.  He's hiding his collection of stuff in the seat of the car.

The baby.  He figured out how to take his diaper halfway off.  I found him walking around the house with his diaper around his ankle.  He was pretty proud of himself.

He also pushed a stool up to the counter and got in to a bag of cookies.  Smart guy.

Danil and his new BFF during Luke and Ray's musical Sunday night at church. 
He was sooooo tired because he chose not to nap during nap time.  He fell in love with Chelsea, and then could barely keep his eyes open. (Chelsea is one of the awesome girls in my junior/senior girls Sunday school class.)

Ray after her part in the musical.
The water fountain attacked her.

My happy guy

My other happy guy

We went to the beach on Friday. 
Cutie pie

He warmed right up to the beach.  He was born to be a Carlin!  He just LOVED it.

Luke.  He could live at the beach.

Watchin Beauty and the Beast

First haircut since he was a free man!


I'm hoping to get a chance to actually blog about how things have been going soon.  Overall things have been going excellent.  Not perfect.  But honestly, the kids are doing much much better than I ever expected, planned, or hoped.  It's totally a God thing because I feel so inadequate.

Gotta run.  Chinese checkers and Luke are calling my name.  More soon.


David and Carolyn said...

Love your real life pictures, especially your son squatting during school. Oh boys and home schooling,don't ya love it !
You're in a perfect place Jessica.. utter total reliance on God. So happy for your family :)

Mel said...

I'm cryin... Timothy has the same shoes as Daniel. hehe Thank you for sharing your children with us. :)

Heidi said...

Love seeing ALL your kids at home and just being kids, part of one big happy family! :) Thanks for keeping us posted!

Emi said...

Your family is beautiful! I love Alik's big smiles!

littlelola said...

I have been following your blog and I am so happy for you and your growing family! Because of you and your blog I have been considering adopting a child with HIV... I am not really sure where to begin any research and would love to know if you had any advise or suggestions on the subject. The little girl I am interested in lives in Russia.. I know you are very busy with all the kids but if you have any information please let me know. Thanks

Jennifer Douga said...

Love all the pictures. The kids look like they have been there all along. What wonderful parents they have!!!

Luis said...

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