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Monday, May 2, 2011

Only God.

Since taking this leap out in to the adoption world, I've been constantly amazed at how God moves on behalf of these little ones who so desperately need a family.  Often times, I feel like all we did was take that first step of obedience and God did everything else.  There were times here and there that I questioned if God knew when He was doing, and then He would show up BIG TIME and I would feel like doubting Tomas with faith the size of a grain of sand.  Every time there was what seemed to be a road block, God was already on the other side.  I would sit there staring at the road block and the Lord would be like, "Hello.  I've over here.  Why did you stop to stare at the mountain.  If you would just keep your eyes on me then you would see that I've already moved this mountain.  You can get over here on the other side with me, or you can waste you time worrying about a problem I've already fixed." 

God's plan for our adoption was pre-ordained.  This was all HIS plan, and we just chose to be a part of it.  He is even already over there making the way straight for the appointment at the US Embassy that I am so worried about.

One thing that God knew ahead of time, that I did not know until recently, was that while he was preparing our hearts for adoption and starting us down the road towards our children, he was doing the same thing in another family.  During the beginning stages of our adoption process, I was contacted by a good friend who said that God was working in her and her husband's heart and that he was calling them to adoption.  They had no clue what the logistics would look like, since they have 3 young children of their own, but they knew that this was God's call for them at some point.  Sorta sound like the beginning of Josh and I's adoption story, right?  God is good.

Well, just like Josh and I, God's call to them came a little quicker than anticipated.  I knew that they had been looking, praying, and weeping over the children on Reece's Rainbow, so I was not at all shocked when God showed them their son and he just happened to be a RR cutie.  What DID surprise me, was that their son is in the same orphanage as Parker.  WHAT?!  God, are you serious?!  A very good friend of mine is not only going to adopt through Reece's Rainbow, but her son just happens to be in the same orphanage as my son?!

It gets even better, people.  Her son and Parker were in the SAME group at the baby house and were transferred to the children's home at the SAME TIME.  They are great buds and are probably more like brothers since it is likely that they have been together since they were INFANTS.  They have basically been together almost every day of their lives.  Oh, and I guess I left out the part of the story that these people who are adopting Parker's friend, are not only awesome, wonderful, Godly people who are good friends of ours......they also only live about 5 minutes from our house!!!! Only God.  That's just all I can say about that.  Only God.  I could have never in my best planning have come up with something as amazing at this. Only God.

God knew how bad my Parker was going to need his friend near-by.  I have had the pleasure of meeting Parker's friend(he is Kirk on RR).  He is precious beyond words.  How great is God's love for these boys that he picked family for them that are practically neighbors?  That kind of love, that our Father has, is just more than I can fathom.

Now, why don't you hop on over to Kirk's mama's blog and look at some more pictures of that cutie pie!  They are at, Our Blessed Life.  And while you're at it, throw all your support behind this wonderful family who has chosen to obey a God that loves his children more than we can even imagine.


Denise said...

Jessica this is wonderful. I knew I had seen this little guy on someones page. Thank you for posting the link. Mike and I will be praying for Kirk. I know that A/P will be excited to have a friend here. God is Great. Praying for your return home to be quick and safe. Hugs to you and Kellen and your mom. Can't wait to read about Kirk some more.

Shannon said...

God is so kind, isn't he? I'm so happy Kirk will have his bud waiting on him when we get him home. And I can't wait to see their faces when they figure it out... haha! Love you!

melanie said...

Oh my goodness- how awesome is it going to be when Kirk is home and they get to meet up again! I'm all teary just imagining the looks on their faces!

Only God ... so true!

Mel said...

This makes me SO happy!! I can't wait for them to bring him home too!! God is mostly definitely AWESOME!!!

Gary and Tina Bell said...

Our God is Awesome. Such a great story.

Jarröt said...

When I first found this out I was so excited. I'm so happy Shannon showed me your blog because I love following up on Parker and Kirk's progress. Jesus cares for all our needs(and then some!).

Becky said...

Beautiful. How He weaves our lives in and around one another to produce beauty only He could imagine.

nicole said...

That is soo awesome!!! Kirk was one of the sweet guys I was praying for!! So glad he has an amazing family to go home to!!! God is so awesome!