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Monday, May 2, 2011

Just because I think my kids are cute....

I am going to do a blog post that is just pictures of them from this morning's visit.

I'll close with a few fun facts:
Even though she can't say her name, she can say "up"(for me to pick her up), and "again"(whenever she wants me to do anything again) very well.  I can get her to say alot of other things too, but those two words she remembers on her own every day without me having to remind her.  I think she is going to pick up english fairly well, I'm just not sure how well I will be able to understand her.

Danil learned the sign for thank you today.  I fully expect him to remember it the next time I see him.  He's awesome.  He says alot in English too, but his speech isn't clear either.  I think he is probably going to pick up english the best, although I'm not sure how much of it I will be able to decifer for a while.

I don't think I am going to visit the baby house tomorrow, so I won't see them again until Wednesday when I got to get them out for good!!!  The visits are getting hard on Josslyn because she wants to go with me so bad, so I think it is best to not go tomorrow, for her sake.  I can't believe the next time I see them it will be the first day of a new life for them, and me.  I still can't totally wrap my head around it yet.


Micah said...

lol I think your kids are cute too! Thanks for the pics. Got to see Ray and Luke last night at AWANA :D
Still praying that Thursday will be the day.

Mel said...

Tears!! HAPPY HAPPY tears!!! Jessica, I just can not wait for GOTCHA DAY!! Love you!!!

Micah said...

PS.... Josslyn has had to say goodbye to you for the LAST TIME. :D
Do they have any idea that they will be leaving the orphage forever Wednesday??