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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bug Hunting

The kids went on a bug/rock/treasure hunt this morning.  I have been needing ONE MORE big yogurt container so that they could each have their own.  This morning when Kellen finished off the rest of the yogurt, I knew that today was a good day for a treasure hunt. 

Before you go thinking that I'm so great and all, I do have a confession....I don't have it all under control.

THIS, is where I found the baby this morning.
Yep.  That's my 15 month old standing in the bathroom sink. 
It gets even better.  I'm not even the one who found him.  One of the other children actually informed me of his whereabouts.  I dont' know why, but the baby is suddenly obsessed with climbing in the bathrooms.  Hum.

Anyway, I got him out of the sink, handed out the bug collecting containers, hopped on the Google translate so that I could explain to my Russian speaking children what we were doing, and then we all headed outside.

He likes it! 

He wasn't so sure for a while. 
He kinda just walked around the yard.  I honestly think he was trying to AVOID any bugs.

Any treaure here?

Pretty little thing

Finding some good stuff

All done!

Now that I'm done, I wanna swing!

Hunting for an ant bed.
*Now before you go calling CPS saying that I let my kids play in ant beds, let me clear this up.  Luke really wanted ants for his collection.  He is 8 and he knows the consequences of messing with ant beds.  I would NOT let any of my younger kids play in an ant bed.*
Oh, and for the record, he didn't get bit.

NOW he's starting to get in on the fun!

Little brother want to help

Look what I got!

All six of them

The bug hunt was a success and it got us through that pre-lunch hour, where kids are starting to get hungry and ready for naps.  Now, I just need a solution for that crazy pre-supper hour.....


Mel said...

Pre supper hour... let the bugs go? hehe You're such a creative Mom! :)

Shannon said...

Hey, the Stonyfield yogurt containers now come with CLEAR lids... so in about 3 weeks, when you've gone through 6 of them, you can hand out upgraded containers with 'bug windows' ;)

Let me know if you come up with something for the pre-supper hour. That's the worst over here. I've contemplated just not having supper at all so there wouldn't BE a pre-supper hour. :)

Michael Paine said...

You are a fun mom!

Denise said...

Girl you are so creative. I love the pictures. Looks like they all had a great time. Oh and Kellen was adorable in the sink :).