Not my will, but your's be done.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A sorta rotten day.

I hate to even say that, really. God has been so good to us that if seems a bit brattish to complain about my minor life issues. And honestly, my day wasn't all that bad. I just don't feel good, and that clouds my perspective. I think I'm coming down with something. The majority of the family has passed around the crud, and I guess it's my turn. Also, the baby hasn't been sleeping great, so being tired can't cause me to misplace my rose colored glasses for a bit. I'm sure I'll find them again soon.

Our email was hacked early this morning. The hacker sent out an email to everyone in our contacts saying that it was Josh and that he was stuck in Spain because he had lost his wallet. We tried to log in to our email to send out something to let folks know that Josh wasn't really stranded in Madrid, but the hacker had changed our password and all of our security questions. Nice. Hopefully it will be resolved tomorrow. All of our adoption paperwork is in a folder in our email. It has ALL of our personal information in it. Mr Hacker-man can do alot of damage, if that is his intent. I'm praying that he was just being a annoying.

Ray has her appointment with the pediatric urologist tomorrow. The kids and I will make the treck over to Texas Children's Hospital-The Woodlands Clinic tomorrow. My mom is coming along for the ride and to help with the kids. When she originally offered to come with me, I thought that she shouldn't because she would have to take off of work, and I am completely capable of taking care of my children on my own. But I said yes and I am thanking God that I did now. The way I feel right now, she may end up doing all the driving and childcare. I'll probably be useless to the world and just listen to what the doctor has to say and nurse the baby from time to time. Thank the Lord for mothers!!

I think I'll go cry now. That'll release some toxins, but probably give me a swell headache in the process. Ok, scratch crying. Guess I'll go to bed then.

Pray the email hacker issue is resolved promptly. If he crossed me right now he'd probably wish that he had never laid eyes on a computer when I'm through with him. Kidding. Sorta.


Michael Paine said...

yeah that was a rotten day. I will pray for your information to be protected. I hope you feel better soon and i hope the appt goes well for Ray. What is she seeing the urologist for? Just curious. I hope everything is ok with her.

Mel said...

AWWWW Hang in there Jessica!! And, ummm... Josh... RUN!! Love ya!! Praying for your little girlie for her appointment to go well.

Micah said...

big healing hug and yes, thank the LORD for Mommas! Mine has come to my aid many times.
Praying for Ray to get a good report and for your email info to be protected and returned.
Love you!

Becky said...

Oh, Jess. My heart hurt just reading this. Praying that sleep was actually restful and that today sees some *good* news. (and, um, I *know* vindictive prayer is seldom answered with anything but a resounding NO, but gotta say that Daddy heard some honesty about what I'd like to see happen to said hacker. Then He fixed my attitude. ) Big hugs and lifting you up, girl.