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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Prayers for Ray

I know this is my second post of the day, and they are both posts asking for prayer.  But I wouldn't ask for prayer if I didn't believe that it worked.  Speaking of prayer working, here is a little update for anyone who happened to read about and pray for the young man I requested prayer for earlier today.  HE HAS A FAMILY!!!  Is that not a miracle?!  God has moved a HUGE mountain on behalf of this fellow, and I, for one, and thrilled that I was able to be a part of this miracle by praying for him.  After reading his story, I was so very heavy hearted for him, and it was balm to my soul to hear that he has a family coming for him.  What a miracle!

Now for Ray.  Her bladder test is tomorrow at 11:00 at Texas Children's Hospital.  They called me on Monday to schedule and I told them that I wanted the first available, since the Doctor had told me that it could possible take 2-3 months to get her in.  They had an opening this Thursay, so I jumped on it!  I am so ready to get this over with and hopefully get to the bottom of this.  Ray, on the other hand, is NOT looking forward to it.  All she knows is that she is going to the Doctor tomorrow, and she is not happy about that.   She questioned me throughly tonight before bed, and I had to dance along that fine line of not lying to her, but not telling her too much. 

I am also pretty upset too.  The hospital called to do all the pre-proceedure questions over the phone today.  In the process of that call, it came to light that Ray isn't really going to be asleep, she is just going to be in a twilight state.  This did NOT sit well with me at all.  Ray was given twilight meds 2 years ago for a dental procedure and they pretty much had the opposite effect on her that they were supposed to.  Needless to say, I am very very upset to think that she is going to be awake during the test.  It is quite possible that there will be a mama bear sighting tomorrow at Texas Childrens Hospital.  Please pray that she sleeps through the proceedure and that everything goes smoothly.  I know it is what is best for her, but putting her through more poking and prodding sure doesn't feel like I'm protecting her from harm.  Sometimes being a mama is so hard.  Any prayers for Ray tomorrow would be very appreciated.  Pray the test goes quickly and smoothly.

Thank you and I hope to post and update tomorrow(about Ray and adoption stuff!)


Micah said...

Wonderful news about David :D
I'll be lifting ya'll up this morning.

Becky said...

Huge smiles! I was telling Dan about David and we both were so heavy hearted over him. Thank you, LORD!! Praying for Ray, you, and the docs today. Love ya!