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Saturday, January 8, 2011


Here they are at last!!

First we have Parker!

He is almost 5 years old. His Reece's Rainbow name is Parker, and we will most likely be keeping it that. We are undecided on a middle name for this little guy, but we will let you know when we make a decision. His sweet face has been on my heart for a few months now and I am estatic that God is giving me the chance to be his mother!

This little precious love, is Josslyn!

Oh my goodness, isn't she just perfection?! She will be 3 in a couple of months. Her Reece's Rainbow name is Lisa, but we are naming her Josslyn.

I am so very glad that we chose to wait on the Lord in obedience. If we had not, we most likely would have missed out on our little princess. Miss Ray is thrilled beyond measure to be getting a little sister, as you can imagine, and we are thrilled to have the honor of being her parents.

Adding Parker and Josslyn to our adoption has brought us so much joy. I can only imagine what our crazy wonderful life is going to be like when we get our 3 precious treasures home where they belong!


Micah said...

gigantic letters... PRECIOUS!!!
I can't wait to meet them and HUG them and watch them grow up!
heart heart heart heart heart

Becky said...

Tears. What beautiful treasures they are. I'm with Micah... guess I'll have to trust God (*ahem* WAIT) on making the meeting/hugging happen! ;-D

Emi said...

They are precious! Two beautiful angels! I imagine how happy Ray must be, she will have a playmate now!

Rachel said...

They are both so darling! Two of my favorite little faces on RR--and so glad to see they found a wonderful family! Congratulations!

sarah said...

I just KNEW it was those two that you would be bringing home! They are precious and I think people will have trouble believing you that they are adopted, because they look so much like the current Carlin clan!

Oh, I'm so very excited for you. God is blessing you all beyond measure!!! Thank you for sharing this journey with us, because it is a huge inspiration!

Mel said...

I totally agree with Sarah!! I thought that as soon as I looked at Luke and Parker's pics, and Josslyn (love that name and she LOOKS like a Josslyn!) and Ray!! Oh how exciting it will be to see them ALL HOME!!! I can't wait!! :)

travcat said...

So, so happy for you! We just had our first homestudy visit and I am praying that God guides us to our children!


Tonya said...

I'm so happy to see pictures of all of your children! Each one of them is precious - such beautiful blessings! My little girl keeps asking to see the "big Parker" on your page since your picture is bigger than the RR picture. :) Then she asks to see Parker's mommy and daddy. We're praying for your family!

Allie Garcia said...

i so admire your obedience! praise the lord!

Bobbie said...

Such beauties - all 3! So excited for you to be adding these three precious little ones to your family. I just know they will bring you so much joy! Thank you for sharing your journey with us - can't wait to follow and see them in a family, where they belong!

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