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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kicking and Screaming

Thanks for the prayers for my rotten day. It is better than it was. Although, it did get worse before it got better. I ended up in the ER last night, and to make a longish story short,(mainly because I don't feel up to writing that much), I have pneumonia. It's a bummer, but I don't think it will have me down for long. Tomorrow is Luke's birthday, so I'm hoping to feel a little better by then. Wouldn't be a very fun birthday to have mom laying around on the couch most of the day.

No update on the hacker stuff. I'm too drained to try to deal with it right now. I'm leaving it up to Josh. He worked all day and probably won't be home until around midnight tonight from work, so I'm guessing that he won't have a chance to check into it further until tomorrow. He is taking a sick day tomorrow to stay home and play Mr Mom so that I can try to rest.

Ray had her appointment with the pediatric urologist today. It went, uh....well, it went. Atleast I can say that. She didn't sleep well last night, so her, um, zesty spirit, shall we say, was in full form all day. She was not a happy camper at home or in the car, but she cheered up when we got to the TCH(Texas Childrens Hospital) waiting room. Lots of toys, books, and movies to keep her entertained. She didn't have long to play though, because they pretty much brought us right back. She did ok talking to the dr, until he asked me to take her pants off. She pretty much lost her religion at that point. Obviously, she is still pretty traumatized from her hospitalization in October. I finally got her calmed down and eventually got her pants off of her, but the drama started again when the dr came back and asked her to get up on the examining table. Then things went from bad to worse when he actually tried to examine her. She put up so much fight, that he finally stopped trying. I guess any furthur external examination that needs to be done they can do when she is sedated for the kidney test.

I call tomorrow to set up her kidney test, but the Dr said it might take a while to get her in. They only do so many tests under sedation a day, because of needing recovery rooms and such, so that is why it might take a month or two to have the test done. I'm kind of upset about that, because I wanted to get all this behind us before Josh and I travel overseas. I am going to be so worried about her while we are apart, if we haven't gotten to the bottom of this problem.

Any way.
I don't really have any kind of good closing for this post and I don't feel like trying to think one up. So, goodnight, will have to do.


Becky said...

How I wish I was there to lend a practical hand... praying that you will be given exactly what you need exactly when you need it: encouragement, rest, answers, resolution, energy, the permission to lose it and know that you're being loved and held through your weak time... Daddy, please pick your girl up and hold her on Your lap. Let her rest in Your arms. Let her breathe you in and know that she is safe, heal her body and her baby, uphold her hubby as he stands in the gap for her. Love her as only You can.

Micah said...

praying praying praying sweet girl...

Annette said...

Praying Jessica! Let me know how I can help. Andrew would love to have Luke for a play date if that would help. Of course not on his birthday. Tell him Happy Birthday!