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Sunday, January 2, 2011


In honor of my first born's birthday, which is later this week, I thought that I'd post some pictures that show a little bit of his personality so that you can get to know him better. He's a sweet kid, and keeps us on our toes! One of his many great qualities is that he loves animals. He has had contact with lots of different animals in his lifetime. We have had lots of pets, exotic animals, and farm animals. He really does great with all different kinds of animals. For a while he had a cat named Rose, that acted more like a dog than a cat.

This was his boxer, Pilot. Pilot was his Christmas present 4 years ago.

Pilot was a great dog, but we had to give him away to a new home a few months ago because he liked to eat chickens. Our chickens.

Luke with Rose.

He's a sweet sweet boy and I look forward to sharing pictures of him that showcase his unique personality with you over the next few days.(IF the computer will cooperate, that is.)

Have an excellent 2nd day of 2011!!

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Micah said...

Luke is one very handsome, VERY precious soul. I've got a five year old who absolutely adores him.
Happy Birthday Luke!