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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's a girl!

I hope the title of this post didn't throw you off too much. No, we still don't know what Tres is for sure, but my sister, Hannah, just found out that she is having a girl! We are all very excited. She has wanted a girl with all three of her previous pregnancies....and now she is finally getting one! One by one as she told people the news we all had the same response, "Are you sure?" She had the same question for the doctor, and the doctor said she was sure. I think that Hannah is still in shock, as are the rest of us. Her specialist said that everything looked normal and that baby looked good. So we are all estatic about the healthy baby girl.

Hannah's ulcerative colitis is doing much better, but her blood sugar is still out of sorts. Continue to keep her and her little girl, (that doesn't have a name just yet), in your prayers.

Also, I would like to ask you to pray for a friend and her mother. Krystal's mother,(Krystal is my friend who I mentioned in yesterday's post) has breast cancer and will be undergoing extensive surgery tomorrow. This is a quote from a prayer request that Krystal sent out.
"also, please just continue to pray. we have not given up hope for a completely miraculous healing, but we are also believing and trusting that God is in control, and he will work all things together for good. we are still not sure if she will have to undergo the 12 weeks of chemo, so keep that in your thoughts. also, the recovery period for her surgery is supposed to be 6 weeks, so pray that it will go smoothly and quickly and that mom will have to wisdom to know what to do and not to do so that her body can fully recover."

As you pray for her mother, pray also for Krystal. She will be doing alot of traveling back and forth in the next several weeks and months. She has a 17 month old daughter and is about 17 weeks pregnant with her 2nd, so her plate is pretty full already. Pray for God's peace as she deals with this difficult time with her mother, and also pray for traveling safety.

Thanks again to the prayer warriors. I know that you will lift up these requests as you have continually done the requests I have layed before you in the past.

Grace and Peace.


Heather said...

WOOHOO!!! A GIRL!!! I am so excited for Hannah...tell her I said congratulations and I will be keeping her in my prayers.

I will be praying for Krystal and her mom.

sweet jenn said...

As I read through your previous posts I read through your struggles and your triumphs. My heart breaks, I cry...I keep reading and I am encouraged and I find a smile on my face. You and Josh are an incredible encouragement to me. You have no idea. I am encouraged to see God working so actively in your life. Know that I am praying for you and your family. I love you guys. xoxo