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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

While we wait...

to find out when our SDA appointment is, I have been busy with other things.

-Last Monday was our Chick-fil-a fundraiser.  It went REALLY well!  The turn out was beyond awesome!  it was really touching to see how many people came out to support us.  We felt very loved.  We still haven't found out what we made on it yet, but regardless, the fellowship, support, and well wishes encouraged me enough to complete this last leg of our journey.

-This week I am getting ready for my big fundraiser garage sale that will be this Friday and Saturday.  I haven't had a garage sale or been to a garage sale in forever, so I feel a little lost when it comes to pricing things....

-I have started working on photo albums to bring to EE with us.  I am taking pictures of all the rooms in our house, the backyard, immediate family members, etc.  I am going to bring them to our visitations with the kids so that they can become familiar with what our house looks like and what their siblings look like.  I am including the Reece's Rainbow pictures of Parker, Daniel, and Josslyn so that they can see where they fall in the birth order and maybe start to connect theirself to our family.  I am also doing this so that Parker can see pictures of Daniel and Josslyn, and vice versa, since we will be visting with him separately.  I am also going to show the album to the judge when we go for our court hearing, so that he can get a better idea what our family is like.  I am also including several picture of my Uncle Mike(the one who has Down Syndrome) so that the judge can see that children with disabilities have the ability to grow, learn, thrive, and live full lives.

-I am already preparing for next year's homeschooling.  I know that homeschooling with 6 children 8 years old and under is going to present some challenges, but regardless, I am really looking forward to it!  We are going to be using more of a unit study approach, and I think it is going to be tons of fun.  I have already purchased some of our curriculum, and I feel like a kid in a candy store.  Fun!

-We are getting SOOOO CLOOOSE to being fully funded.  When it is all said and done, our adoption is going to cost about $35,000.  As of right now, we are about $5000 away from meeting that amount.  It doesn't take a mathmetician to see that God has provided....BIG TIME.  Adding Parker and Josslyn to our adoption increased our fees.  Parker being transferred increased our fees, yet again.  Inspite of all that, God has continued to provide, through the obedience of his people.  Seeing God work so intricately has been such an amazing experience. 

That about wraps up what we've been up to the past week or so.  I'll defintely been screaming it out on my blog when we find out our travel date, so if you see a blog post by me that starts out in all caps, then go ahead and take that as a sign that we have our SDA appointment.

'Night, ya'll!!


The Buricks said...

You are getting WAY more done than I am! I can't wait for you to get your travel date! Yikes we are both SO close to meeting these kids! It's about time! :)

Love from your RR BFF :)

KJ said...

I have garage sales once a year. This past December we decided to do a garage sale for Heartline in Haiti. I made up flyers to put "All proceeds go to Haitian Women and Children" and also printed up flyers as to what Heartline is all about. I chose to not price anything and told people to pay what they felt was a fair price, to consider it a donation" I was amazed at how much more generous people were knowing what it was going to. Yes, there were some who paid way less than I thought was good--- but I felt like they must NEEDED it--- and others generosity MORE than made up for that. I even had people say "I can't find anything I need today, but I want to make a donation". I loved not having to price stuff either! Hope that helps. GOOD LUCK!!!

Shannon said...

I have just reminded myself to always come to your blog with a box of tissues. Soooo excited for you, and excited to see what God is doing!