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Monday, March 28, 2011

More pictures from our day

This outiside of our apartment building.

This is a small playground in front of our building.
Two slides and a climbing thing.

Note that the cars park ON the side walks.
The cars pretty much drive where ever they want when ever they want.
I'm pretty sure that traffic laws either, don't exist, or no one pay attention to them.
It has been interesting, to say the least.

We went walking this afternoon and ended up eating at a little pizza place near our apartment.
It was awesome!  Instead of plates you eat your pizza off these little wooden cutting board type things.
Kellen loves pizza, in general, but he especially love the crust on this pizza.
He adores the bread here.  He could walk around eating the bread all day.  Our apartment has crumbs all over it.  I am definitely going to have to vaccum before we head to our region.

Josh got a coke at lunch.  See the writing below Coca-Cola?
Gotta love the Russian!

This pipe is in the bathroom of our apartment.  Apparently is has hot water running through it because it is very warm all the time.  The towels are all nice and warm when you take them off of it. 
Right now I have some clothes hang drying on the pipe.  Our apartment has a washer, but no dryer.  I don't think anybody really has dryers here.  I washed a load of clothes this afternoon, but heavens knows if I did it correctly.  The washer are NOT like our washer, and even though the setting were symbols and numbers instead of words, I still had a really hard time figuring out what setting to put it on.  Whatever I did seemed to get the clothes clean, so I guess I guessed right!

This evening Kellen was playing and fell asleep right there on the floor! 
That is not typical at all for him.
Guess he is worn out!
We brought this little pop up tent for Kellen to sleep in.  He WILL sleep with us, but he sleeps better on his own(and I do too!). 
 So instead of just putting him on a pallet on the floor, I got this awesome idea of making a pallet for him in a tent from my friend.  She is so smart!  We bought this little pop up tent from Academy(her idea, too),
it is really compact when it is folded up.  Didn't take up much space at all in the suitcase.
He didn't sleep in it last night, because last night was kind of a crazy night with our schedules being messed up and all.  I think I'll try to put him in there tonight though.  He obviously CAN sleep in there since he is still sound asleep at the moment.

Last but not least,
my FAVORITE picture of today.....

Aren't they just precious?!!  Yes, that is a picture of two pictures, but it was the best I could do with no scanner.  These are the pictures we traded for today!!  They didn't tell me when these pictures where taken, so  I don't know how old they are in them.  I would guess that the picture of Josslyn was from when she was about a year old, but I don't know.  She looks just like Luke and Kellen did at a year....NO HAIR!! And isn't Parker just a doll!!  Up until today we had only seen that one picture of him, his Reece's Rainbow picture.  It is sooooo good to see another picture!  He is smiling in this picture too, and that makes me happy.  It really looks like a genuine smile.  Now I haven't seen a picture of Josslyn smiling yet, and this one from today makes the 5th picture I've seen of her(not counting the infant picture we saw today).  I don't know if she is unhappy, doesn't like cameras, is just super shy, or what.  Either way, I am ready to see her smile!

We are going to our region on Wednesday morning, by express train.  The Haglers and us will both pick up our referral paperwork at the SDA building tomorrow at the same time.  We are both adopting from the same region(and the same CITY), but from different orphanages.  They are taking the overnight train tomorrow night, and we are taking the express train on Wednesday morning.  If we took the same train and arrived at the same time, the facilitators and drivers wouldn't be able to take us both where we need to go at the same time(since we are adopting from two different baby houses), so our in region facilitator thought it best if we come separate.  I think it worked out best all the way around.  I think the Haglers really wanted the overnight train, and I think that the express train is probably best for us.  The express train is a 5 and 1/2 trip and the overnight train is an 8 hour trip.  So we will be able to sleep all night and then take the morning train and arrive in our region around 1pm.  I think(and REALLY hope) that we will meet the kids that afternoon.  We should at least meet Daniel and Josslyn, but might not have enough time to meet Parker too.  I am anxious to meet them!! I am also anxious to find out what is the hang up with one of the kid's paperwork and how long it is going to delay us.

That is all the pictures from today!  We are home for the evening, so if I get board I just might blog again.  That would be some kind of a record for me! 


Mel said...

Keep blogging Jess!!! I LOVE seeing everything, especially since we stayed in the same apartment, so the view is so familiar!! :) I can't wait to hear all about the kids! The express train is good, just when you're tired of being on the train, you're there! hehe You will LOVE the team there too!! :)

Becky said...

I can see that I'm going to be addicted to your blog for the next few weeks!! :)

Micah said...

LOL Addicts and stalkers! I'm stalking your facebook AND blog. Thanks for posting all the pics and commentary. I love knowing and SEEING what's happening!

Jennifer Douga said...

I love seeing all the pictures and hearing updates. Hope Kellen likes his tent. We could have let you use Carter's. The pics of Josslyn and Parker are precious. Can't wait to hear that you have hugged your babies.

Hannah Andrews said...

I love you Mama! I love you Daddy! I love seeing the pictures and reading what you said.

Love Raylen.

Shari79 said...

Delurking to say, I'm loving all the posts! Keep it up! Can't wait to see you holding your babies!

The McEacherns said...

Adorable pics! And isn't Pizza Celantano the best?! Next time try the potato al forno... yum!

Lisa (DanielsMommy) said...

I'm loving all the updates and I can't WAIT to see the kids!!! I wonder what Josslyn and Parker know your coming? I would assume (and please forgive me if I'm wrong)...they are typically developing and must understand their parents are coming. How excited they must be. And our sweet precious know I can't wait to see pics with you both!!!! I'm SO excited~!!!!!

Nan and Dan said...

congrats!! relax and enjoy tomorrow!
Can not wait to see pics on Wednesday!
good luck!

Sarah said...

Jessica I can't help but get tears in my eyes every time I read an update from you. Please keep blogging, I am living vicariously through you right now!
Prayers for a wonderful safe journey on Wednesday!!!

Emi said...

I can't wait to see new pictures of your kids! Those pictures of Josslyn and Parker are sooo cute! I will be praying you get to see them on Wednesday!

Bethany said...

Their pictures are just precious! I hear you can take a digital photo of whatever other pictures are in their files so you can have baby pics :)