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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Josslyn-And We Got Our Referrals!

I want to start off by saying, HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY, JOSSLYN!!!  This will be the last birthday of your's that goes uncelebrated in an orphanage!  Next year, when you turn 4, you can have the biggest princess party a girl could want!  It will be big enough to make up for all the parties you missed the first 3 years you were in the orphanage.  No more uncelebrated birthdays for you, little missy!  Mama and Daddy can't wait to meet you for the first time tomorrow!!!

Since we had nothing to do, adoption wise, until 4:00pm today, we were able to see some of the sights in the city.  This city is VERY old.  Many of the building are hundreds of years old.  Apparently, this city was were Russia began, MANY years ago.  At least that is what we were told by our driver/tour guide, Eugene.  But then again he later told us that the history books have all been re-written to say that the kings wanted them to say, so I'm not sure how accurate all of our information was.  Especially since he later told us that the Ukrainians were really the ones who discovered America, back before Columbus and the explorers.  Eugene DEFINITELY knows a ton about history.  That man is a walking history book, no lie.  But I am wondering if the part about the Ukrainians discovering America was part of the history that had been re-written.  Who knows.  Regardless, the city is super old and very historical.  I learned alot today, but there is not way I could remember everything he said.  He was spouting off historical information non-stop all day.  Very interesting.  I don't know how he knows all that he knows.

The Haglers spent the day with us  on our own little personal tour.  We started the day with going to the train station to pick up tickets.  We leave at 6:58am to head to our region!!  That is 11:00pm ya'll's time, so if you are awake then, say a little prayer that the baby will do well on the train and take a gooooood nap.  Once we arrive in region the next several hours will be a whirlwind, so we really need him to be rested up and on his best behavior.  We will be meeting with a social worker, orphanage director, the orphanage's doctor, and most importantly  DANIL AND JOSSLYN!!!  I don't think we will be able to meet Parker until Thursday morning because we won't get there in time.  Regardless, this time tomorrow I will have met at least two of my new kiddos!!  So exciting!!

This picture is inside the train station.

Josh, Eugene, Greg and Lindsay Hagler-waiting for tickets

Another picture of inside the train station

After the train station we went to a resturant the serves the food of the country.  It was quite interesting and different.  Overall, I like it.  Kellen really liked the potato soup.
This picture is in the restaurant.  It was very cool. 
Furr and the seats on the whole nine yards. 
 A very cultural experience.

While waiting to pick up our referrals we went back to the little coffee shop we went to yesterday after our SDA appointment.  The coffee here is different, but I have to admit, it is growing on me. 
 Double expresso with milk.  Good stuff.
By our table there was a big window sill.  Kellen sat there and played a little while.
Then, folks started noticing him.

The lady in the picture just LOVES Kellen!  She has a little souvenier shop right outside the coffee shop.  She made over Kellen yesterday, big time.  She even got on to me for not having his ears covered and made me put his hood on.  She told me his ears and nose looked cold.
All of this transpired in Russian, but I'm pretty sure that is what she was griping at me about.
The longer Kellen sat in the window the more of a crowd gathered.  He had folks laughing and taking his picture.  I have no idea what makes people so drawn to him, but that boy has serious rock star status here!  He is going to be disappointed when he gets back to the states.

This is a famous church.  I can't remember what it's called though.  Anyway, we went inside and it was gorgeous!  After a few minutes of looking around, Lindsay pointed out that we were supposed to have our head covered and she and I were the only two women that didn't.  She proceeded to put on her hoodie hood and I wrapped my scarf around my head.  We surely didn't want to offend anyone.

No pictures are allowed inside, so that's why I don't have any.  Take my word for it though, it was beautiful.  There were these candle stands everywhere that had burning candles in them.  It was beautiful.  There was also some kind of holy water that people would drink after praying.

After we left this church we went in to a litle cathedral type thing next door.  They also had the beautiful candles burning, so we asked Eugene what they were for.  He said that people come and burn them in memory of loved ones who have passed away.  I thought that was lovely, so we burned one for Treyson.

Finally, it was 4:00 and we could pick up our referrals!  We walked over to the SDA building to wait the with other couple there to pick up their referrals.  There were atleast two other American couples(besides us and the Haglers), 3 or 4 Italian couples, and a few more that I am not sure where they are from.

(This is us in front of the SDA building.)
When the lady came down the stairs with everyone's papers she said that Josh and I could go first, even though there were 3 couples ahead of us.  She said it was because of Kellen.  There he goes again, being a rock star.  I felt bad though, cutting in line like that, but I was NOT going to agrue with her.  She was quiet, but nice.  We even tried out some of our newly learned Russian on her.  That seemed to amuse her more than anything.  Guess we still have some work to do. 

Now we have to pack and get some rest, because Eugene will be here at 6:00am to take us to the train station! 


Mel said...
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Mel said...

My heart is about to BURST I am so excited for you!!!! I can't wait to hear that you have met the kids!! Please be sure to say hello to everyone for me, and give Daniel a big kiss and hug and make sure you remind him that I promised you would be there and here you are! :) Love & prayers for your trip tomorrow!!

Mel said...

My post posted twice, so I deleted one! Sorry! :)

Jennifer Douga said...

Rockstar Kellen!!! That has a nice ring to it. Glad he is doing well and everything is going right on schedule. Can't wait to hear about tomorrow. Love and prayers from the Douga's!!!

The McEacherns said...

If you're carrying a baby and a Ukrainian person starts to scold you, you can bet it's because they think you don't have the baby bundled up warm enough!

Anonymous said...

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