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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I got the money, honey!

Thank you for all your payers and great advice about getting "new" money!!  Yesterday I was able to get everything we needed and it was easier than expected.  It took 3 credit unions and some exchanging of bills, but it worked!  It was totally a God thing too, because I ended up with NEW money from the place that told me they didn't have it the day before!! 

Packing and Preparations:
We are finishing up last minute things.  For days my list seems to grow every time I cross something off!  But I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  My to-do list is finally starting to shrink, as opposed to growing.  I can't believe we will be at the airport in 72 hours!  I've been so busy that hasn't fully hit me yet.

Luke is super excited about staying with my sister in Houston while we are gone.  Ray is excited too, but yesterday she started asking alot of questions about Josh and I being gone.  I think she is starting to realize how long we are going to be away.  It upset her.  She is a very sensitive child and the one I am most worried about.  She may give my sister a tough time once she starts missing me and Josh.  She is very emotional and doesn't always handle her emotions in a positive way.  It is quite possible that she will get physically ill from homesickness.  That is one of my biggest worries about traveling so far for so long.

But for now, I don't have time to worry, I have to pack!


David and Carolyn said...

Will you be able to skype your kids Jessica? It was so worth it to make sure we would have high speed internet so we could do this with our kids. Sometimes I would cry right there in front of the screen when we'd be talking to them. But I was so grateful we could connect on a regular basis. We even used it a couple of times for discipline issues :) Any way you slice it being away for your children is hard but we're all in it together for His Glory right :) Yay Honey got her money!

Becky said...

Poor Ray. I understand the whole anticipation and anxiety thing. Lifting all of y'all up... and rejoicing that we keep seeing God say YES!!! :)

Tonya said...

So glad you got the money issue figured out! I know how every step of the process can seem like such a hurdle. We'll be praying for you guys as you travel this weekend and for your kiddos - both in the States and EE!