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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Garage Sales and More

We had round 1 and 2 of our garage sale fundraiser this weekend.  We had tons of friends and family donated to use to sale in our garage sale.  I was just amazed at people's generosity to donated their things.  Friday went excellent.  Saturday started out rocking with a down pour of rain.  I was ready to just call it quits for the day.  But mid morning the rain stopped and the sun peaked out, and the garages sale patons started coming.  By the time it was all said and done, we made $1500 total for the weekend!!!  $1500 on one weekend of a garage sale!! I think that is pretty amazing!!!  We sold the majority of the big items, but still have a lot of clothes and some books and nick nack items.  Not to mention that we have several more families who still have stuff to donate.  We will be having round 3 and 4 of our garage sale extravaganza this Wednesday and Friday(weather permitting).  It would be nice to make another $500 or so, but every dollar is one dollar closer to being fully funded.  As of right now, we have about $2600 to go.  The number just keeps getting lower and lower pretty much by the day.  I am going to put one of those little fundraising thermometers on my blog so that we can all watch how God provides this last little bit of what we need.

Speaking of fundraising, I have a 31 party tomorrow with an awesome group of ladies and I am really looking forward to it!  In December, I became a consultant for 31 Gifts to help raise money for our adoption.  ALL my proceeds for selling 31 go towards our adoption fund.  God has really blessed this endeavor, and it has been a great opportunity to meet other Christian women.  I love it!  I originally planned on quitting 31 when our adoption was funded.  But I have enjoyed it so much, that I plan on continuing to do it, and use all my proceeds to pay the note on that gigantic van I now drive.  So, I guess that is still adoption related.

Besides being close to being fully funded, we are also getting close to traveling!!  We should find out this week,(hopefully Tuesday), when our SDA appointment is going to be.  There is a really good chance that we will be on a plane by the end of this month.  THIS MONTH.  I can't even believe that I am saying that! Agh!!!  I am actually going to get to hold my babies soon!!!

I'm going to close with a link to a blog post that I really needed to read today.  This one goes out to all the mamas.

'Night, ya'll!

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Shannon said...

Ooh, that thermometer is lookin' HOT! ;)