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Friday, December 17, 2010

I overheard....

Luke and Ray talking this morning.
Luke: "I'm adopting a boy and girl from China. Where are you adopting from?"
Ray: "I'm adopting a sister from Hong Kong."(Poor thing. That girl needs a sister.)
Luke: "Ohhhh. Does she have a special need?"

From the other room I was cracking up! But I was also smiling. From the very beginning of this adoption journey, months before we committed to Daniel, Josh said that he thought it would be awesome if one day our children chose to carry on our family's ministry by choosing to adopt children of their own.

We want nothing more for our children than to love the Lord with their whole heart and follow where he leads them. Whether that means they are the CEO of a large company, or a trash man, we want nothing more for them than to be in the center of God's will....where ever that may lead them.

Hearing them talk about where they want to adopt their future children(or sisters) from, warms my heart that they already developing a heart for the things of God. If God leads them to adopt one day, I will be one happy grandma!


Sarah said...

That is just precious!!

I was so excited (and amazed) when our Angel Tree ornaments arrived recently. My (speech delayed) 3-year-old looked at them all, turned to me with a quiet voice, and said, "No mommy, no daddy?"
I don't know if he remembered from when we picked out the ornaments, or how exactly he knew, but it warmed my heart to see the compassion at such a young age.

Tonya said...

What a sweet story! How awesome that you are taking the time to include your kids on this journey. My husband and I are completely on the same page. We would love it if our two-year-old continues to have a heart for orphans as she grows up. She already advocates for RR kiddos. She loves Parker and Stacie (from the HIV page) and tells everyone, "Parker need a mommy and daddy. Stacie need a mommy and daddy!" Daniel is totally precious, by the way. I hope you are able to bring him home soon!

Micah said...

You have the most precious children!
They are so blessed to have you and Josh as their parents.

Emi said...

You must be so proud of your children! They have such a good heart. They will be great siblings for Daniel.

The Buricks said...

Love this! Your kids are awesome!