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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Almost Done...

with our dossier!!

We are done with all our immigration paper work and fingerprinting. I had my fingerprinting appointment on Monday, and Josh had his done today. The poor thing had to work all night last night. He got home at 8 this morning and slept for about 3 hours before he had to get up and drive to Houston to be fingerprinted. When I woke him up late this morning I noticed that he had bandaids on two of his fingertips. I almost had a heart attack! I figured he had cut himself during the night while he was working. You can NOT be fingerprinted if you have any cuts on your fingers. But I freaked for nothing. His hands just had little cracks by his nail bed from his skin being dry. I sprouted 2 new gray hairs for nothing. Besides the whether being awful to drive in, everything went smooth with his little trip to Houston and back. We are all done with our USCIS stuff!

Now we are just waiting on our I-171H, which is our official USCIS approval. This can take weeeeeks, but I am praying that we have it back in 2-3 weeks. I would really love to have our dossier in the mail in about 2 weeks, so that it has time to get to where it's going, get translated, and be fully ready to be submitted to the SDA as soon as they re-open at the beginning of February. It is looking doubtful that we will have our immigration approval by mid-January, but that's what I'm praying for.

There are a handful of papers that need to be notarized. By now we are getting really good at having papers notarized, so this is no biggie at all. Earlier this week we got the copy of our 2009 taxes from the IRS. I was so stoked!! I was starting to really worry that something was wrong and it wasn't coming. Several new gray hairs over this also. But, it's here, so I can stop worrying. I think the gray hair is here to stay, unfortunately.

The best news of all, though, is that we FINALLY got Josh's employment letter from the HR department. And miracles of all miracles, it was actually done correctly! It's really hard to explain to someone, in writing, the exact way that these documents have to be done. God had his hand on it though, because it was done great and has already been approved by the team in Daniel's country that checks all documents.

Tomorrow we will be having that handful of papers notarized, and then I will be sending a big stack of documents off to Austin in the mail to be apostilled. I'm really nervous about doing this, but I'm just going to have to trust that it will be ok.

Sick ward update:
Ray is doing great. The baby is doing much better. Still snotty, but no fever and he seems to feel much better. I, on the other hand, have developed a yeast infection in my right breast. I have never had any issue like this before and it is not fun. It feels like Kellen has a mouth full of razor blades when he nurses. Ouch! To make matters worse, my right boob is my good boob, when it comes to nursing. I'm a jersy cow on that side, so he does 3/4 of his nursing on that side. Sigh. Tomorrow I am going to get some purple medicine my sister told me about that should clear it up.

I'm doing the final touches on having all of Daniel's stuff set up and ready for his arrival. I plan on having it done in a week. January 7 is orthodox Christmas, so it'll be my little Christmas present to him to have all his stuff completely ready.

Gotta run! The baby is fussing to nurse and I can't avoid it any longer. Time to bite the bullet.


Mel said...

Jess, be sure to watch for thrush in the baby's mouth too. I had it (and so did my babies) with each of my kids. OUCH is right!!

YAY for you for having all of the paperwork almost done!! How EXCITING!!! I can hardly WAIT till you are there to bring that sweet little guy HOME!!

Micah said...

All yay's 'cept one.. OUCH. :( Saying a prayer that the purple medicine works quickly and for the paperwork to move smoothly and quickly to iall its proper places.

MamaJ said...

Gentian Violet! It works!! I have some if you don't wanna go buy any. King's Pharmacy is the only place that had it around here. I had to use it with Halia one time. It will stain his mouth tho, so plan on explaining that or not going anywhere, haha.

csmith said...

Love hearing updates on your family, thanks so much for sharing.
I nursed six babies and only had this problem with one, that medicine does work and now comes in a clear nonstaining form if you can find it. I also found that it helped to take acidopholus or eat lots of yogurt. Good luck,there's nothing worse than nursing with sore boobies!