Not my will, but your's be done.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Good news on the vote!!

On November 30 two amendments to the bill were filed. While we do not know what the amendments are, but we are PRAYING that it changes the bills in a way that will allow the adoptions of special needs children to continue. After this, the vote was scheduled for the morning of December 16.

Today the vote has been pushed back to the week of December 21-24!! This is wonderful news! We are PRAYING that the date being pushed back means that they are taking the time to change the bill before it is voted on again, instead of passing it in its current status.

The Legal Division of Daniel's country has already recommended that the bill be rejected as is, because it will cause conflict with other area of the Family Code that are not being changed.

While the fight is not over yet, this is progress in the right direction!

Continue to pray that the bill will be rejected as it is!
Pray that the ammendment that have been filed leave room for the children who WILL NOT be adopted in their own country to still be allowed to be adopted by families in the United States.


The lives of HUNDREDS of children depend on it!


Hannah Andrews said...

yay!!!! Still praying!

Micah said...

Great news. I keep going back to that scripture that says something like the heart of the king is in God's hands.
I have alot of HOPE that Daniel is to be your's to love and care for forever. I don't pray doubting. I pray that God has already worked it all out.