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Monday, October 25, 2010

New Fundraiser!!

I've mentioned before how ever since Josh and I surrendered to God's calling on our life to adopt that God has provided more encouragement and support than we could have ever anticipated. At every turn it seems that God has yet another blessing waiting for us. Monitarily, we are still very far from where we need to be, come travel time, but I can honestly say that I am not worried. God has fully provided for everything we have needed so far, so why would I doubt that he will continue to do so?

Another thing that I have mentioned before is that I am a part of the Reece's Rainbow yahoo group. I have gotten so much information and encouragement from those ladies that it is unreal. About a week ago I got an unexpected blessing in my inbox. I had an email from a lady whom I've never met, talked to, or even heard of. She told me that several months ago she had committed to being Daniel's Christmas Warrior. Reece's Rainbow has an awesome program set up to help raise awareness and funds for the waiting special needs orphans on the Reece's Rainbow website. The angel who committed to Daniel is named Lisa. Lisa has her own little Daniel with Down Syndrome, so that made her burden for my Daniel all the sweeter. She had been praying for Daniel to find a family, and had also come up with an awesome fundraiser idea to help raise funds for his adoption grant! She was all ready to get her fundraiser up and running, when low and behold, she finds out that Daniel now has a committed family! US! So, instead of choosing a different child to raise funds for, she chooses to continue to help raise funds for Daniel!! How amazing is that?! I get an email from a lady I've never met, telling me how much she cares for Daniel, how excited she is that we are adopting him, and that she wants to hold a fundraiser for him!! And wait 'til you hear what the fundraiser is. She is buying a laptop to raffle off!! Uh. Yeah. Seriously. I was pretty much speechless! How generous is that?! It speaks volumes about her heart for orphans that she is willing to go to such lengths to helps a family,(whom she doesn't know), adopt an orphan(whom she doesn't know). Talk about blow me away! Not only is her generosity amazing, but her heart is also! She truly loves Daniel. I think she was more excited to hear that he has a family now, than I was to hear that she wanted to help raise funds! The raffle started last night and is being hosted on her friends blog. I intended to post about it last night, but the evening got away from me and before I knew it it was 11 o'clock and I was beat. So check out the link here, and enter it win a nice laptop! A $10 entry could very well win you a brand spankin' new computer!


Amanda Hoyt said...

Praise the Lord! So amazing to see God's hands at work.
Love you all

Lisa (DanielsMommy) said...

Jessica,your words are so kind. I feel blessed to be able to help. I have to thank YOU for doing what me and my family are unable to do. We do no meet the criteria to adopt at this all I can do is sit on the sidelines, and cheer the adopting families on. My Daniel is my inspiration. He has brought our family so much joy, love and amazing grace. The least I can do is ensure families like you have the funds they need to save these precious waiting angels. I hope and pray this fundraiser is a HUGE success.

Jenny said...

This boy is very precious! You will adore his very gentle ways. My prayers have been answered that he too finally has a family. Your heart will melt when you meet him. Hugs (your RR family and a mom who just adopted from RR).