Not my will, but your's be done.

Friday, October 8, 2010

This weeks accomplishments...

-contacted Reece's Rainbow, let them know of our intent to adopt and got information on how to start the process

-joined the RR yahoo group(tons of wonderful people with a wealth of information from their own personal adoption journeys)

-found out that one of my sweet internet/bloggy friends is actually a real life kindred spirit kinda friend :]

-went to downtown Port Arthur and got an "official" copy of Josh's birth certificate

-went online and ordered and "official" copy of my birth certificate (I was born in Columbus, Ohio so I can't very easily swing by there and pick up a copy. :))

-had our passport pictures taken

-applied for our passports!!!!

Josh got alot accomplished too!! He:
-pressure washed the entire outside of the house

-replaced two broken T-posts on the chicken pen

-dug a trench for a standing water problem we have in our back yard

-got a water pump and pumped all the standing water out

-did a little bit of research about Ukrainian history and what to expect as a visitor there

I also:

-had an excellent day with my kids, my sister, 3 nephews, and a neice at the Houston zoo

-cleaned off the porch so that Josh could pressure wash it

-weedeated a patch of tall grass and weeds that has been too wet to mow because of the standing water problem. I looked hilarious when I finished! My face was covered in mud sprinkles!

All in all a very successful week! I have a few more things that I plan to get accomplished this weekend which include, but aren't limited too:
-fundraiser research
-re-potting some plants
-hang a ceiling fan in Luke's room
-attend my neice's 2nd b-day party
-make homemade pizza and sugar cookies with my kids
-watch some college football
-have a blast with my 11th and 12th grade Sunday school girls

Every baby step is one step closer to bringing our special kiddo home!


Micah said...

WOW! That IS a productive week!!! I drove by ya'll's house today and smiled. Such a sweet family...
I think I'm inspired to make my OWN to-do list. Maybe. LOL

Rooney's Little Musings said...

Girl, when do you SLEEP?!?!

I'm tired just reading about your week!

And, you are so sweet!!! I feel the same way!