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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cuddly Creature Raffle!!

Here we go! Our very first adoption fundraiser, and I could not be more excited! When we first started thinking international adoption, we immediately started seeing dollar signs. International adoption is EXPENSIVE. But it is where God has called us, so in spite of not having the funds to do it, we chose to obey and trust that he will provide. Over the past several months I have done much research on what other families do to raise the funds to adopt and found that there are many different types of fundraisers out there to help raise the funds to adopt. When I first started thinking of fundraiser ideas, I thought a raffle would be great! I follow the blogs of several adopting families who are doing various things to raise funds for their adoptions. I'm always excited to see what they have to raffle off. So once we decided to adopt little "D" I knew that a raffle was in order! But what to raffle? I only had to think for about two seconds flat before I knew the perfect thing! Cuddly Creatures! My lovely friend, Micah, over at Shabby Shae, makes some delightful little creations called Cuddly Creatures.

Check out this snuggly little brother sister combo! Couldn't be any cuter!

Now that you've seen 'em, you just have to have one, right? They make the perfect little shabbied up lovey for your little prince or princess. Or baby shower gift for that special mom-to-be. They even have a little pocket in the front to hide a little treasure, or place a baby tooth in wait for the tooth fairy.

Isn't she a doll! Every little girl needs a lovey like this. Oh, you don't have a girl? Then her wacky little brother is perfect for your little man.
Now that I've got you drooling over them I'm going to tell you how to win one! A $2.oo donation at the ChipIn thingy over there on the side gets your name in the hat. Only 2 bucks! These Cuddly Creatures normally retail for $18(which is a great deal in itself!), but you have a chance to win one for only $2.00!! Not only is it only $2.00 to get your name in the hat, but you can get EXTRA entries for free! Yes, I said for free! If you blog, tweet, facebook, etc, about the Cuddly Creature raffle, posting a link to my blog, then you get an extra free entry. One free entry for every way you posted about the raffle. Blog about it: free entry. Facebook about it: free entry. Tweet it: free entry. Couldn't get any better than that! Make sure you comment and let me know how you got the word out, so I will know how many times to put your name in to the drawing. The winner gets to pick if he/she would rather have the girl or the boy.
Here are your marching orders.
First:Click on the ChipIn and donate $2.00 and get your name in the raffle. Feel free to donate more than two dollars, if you so desire, but it is not necessary.
Second: Re-post about the raffle as many places as possible, and then comment and let me know. Can't beat those free entries!
Third: Hope on over to Shabby Shae and check out her other products! She specializes in turning trash into treasure, but she also makes some other very nifty products. I, personally, have her small make up bag and I LOVE it!
This raffle is only going to be open for a few days, so get your name in ASAP! This week has been a busy one for us, so stay tuned for an update of our progress!


melanie said...

Hey Jessica! I hope this raffle does very well for you! :) I've blogged, facebooked, and tweeted for you! :)

Becky said...

Jessica, I'm tickled pink (blue??) for you!! Will spread the word... Love you, girl!

Rooney's Little Musings said...

I've tweeted, blogged, and FB'd! I hope this give-away does AWESOME!!!!