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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm Paper Pregnant!!!

I can finally announce it!!
This little fellow is going to be ours!!

Isn't he just a little cutie-pie?! I'm sure that 99% of you have already followed the links that I have posted, and therefore, seen his picture. But I just HAD to post it myself! I've been waiting on Reece's Rainbow to give me the go ahead to make my official announcement. But the director was out of town for several days, and then they have been completely updating their website, so our annoucement got delayed a little bit. Better late than never, right?! We just could not be more excited about our new little addition! While I don't think that Ray completely understands, she always gets excited to see Daniel's picture or hear us talk about him. Luke, on the other hand, totally gets it and is TOTALLY stoked! Daniel's picture is on our fridge and every morning when Luke walks in the kitchen he says, "Good morning, Daniel!" He is so excited! It truly blesses my heart to see how excited the kids are about adding Daniel to our family.

There are still alot of unknows with our adoption. We are moving as quickly as we can, but there is still a chance that he will be transferred. Prayer warrior, get to praying!

As for other adoption updates:
-we've faxed all vaccination records for our pets to our social worker
-official copies of all of our birth certificates have been faxed to our social worker
-we've complete the health checks needed for all family members for our homestudy
-Josh and his dad cut apart and hauled off our storage building that was demolished in hurricane Ike and has been laying in a crumpled pile at the back fence for the past 2 years.
-Josh and I re-assembled the dog/chicken pen on higher ground, and our little Chica now has quite a bit of stomping ground
-more faxing, more emailing, more errands, and email some more!

It's all worth it though, to get our little guy home where he belongs! There is a lady whom I met through the Reece's Rainbow yahoo group, that is adopting a little boy from the same orphanage as Daniel! Her and her husband are over there RIGHT NOW and I have been getting daily emails from her letting me know what is going on. She has gotten to see, observes, and even HUG my Daniel! I'm hanging on to every tib bit of information she sends me way! My Daniel and her Timothy even share a cubby that holds their shoes, coats and such. We we both get our little guys home we will definitely have to get the together at some point for a reunion!

Gotta run! As soon as our information on the Reece's Rainbow page is fully updated, then I will post a link to it. I'll also post soon on what life is like for Daniel in the orphanage, per Mel's descriptions. Until then, you are more than welcome to pray for speedy paperwork process and a smooth homestudy for us! Also, there is still a diamond ring raffle fundraiser going on for Daniel here. Check it out, donate, and maybe win a diamond ring!


Micah said...

Its a BOY!!!
hehe I know I already knew that but I couldn't resist.
I already ADORE Daniel. I can't wait for him to get settled and be ready for a playdate at "Landon's" house. <3 I think they will be very good buddies. :D

MamaJ said...

I LOVE the new pictures!! It's so neat to see how your family is growing steady!! Love y'all and praying for Daniel daily!

Hannah Andrews said...

Jessica! My heart is doing back-flips for you! Daniel is so lucky to have such a sweet mommy! And you are so lucky to get him!

Carrie said...

He is precious! That happened so fast!!! Congrats!! ;)

Becky said...

If my grin and tears are this big, what must it be like at your house?! Thrilled beyond words for y'all. And for little Daniel. Still lifting you all up and REJOICING with you!!!

Sara said...

Oh, this is just so exciting!! I am so happy for you and your beautiful family. Amazing how God works...

Emi said...

Hi, congratulations for your adoption! Your new son is beautiful! I will be following your journey and praying for you!

Katie said...

Hi Jessica,

I have been wanting to contact you for a while but, along with life being crazy this time of year, I have been too darn emotional about little Danil that the tears just fall! I couldn't find your contact email, so I thought I would just comment and leave my email address for you. I have had Danil in my heart and mind for two years -- I even posted about him once in my blog:

I am so thrilled that he has a family -- I didn't realize how close he was to being sent away! God is great. If you will contact me, I would love to set up a little fundraiser for him.