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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Slippin' and a Slidin'

In southeast Texas the only way to beat the heat during the summer is to either permenately plant yourself in front of a box fan.....or get wet.  Luke, Ray, and Kellen are waterbugs, so I was very pleased to learn that Alik, Danil, and Josslyn love the water also!  Our family loooooves the beach.  We are also very blessed that my grandparent's have a very nice swimming pool in their backyard.  We ALSO live very close to TWO super fun(and FREE) spray parks.  Needless to say, my kiddos are playing in the water, in some form or fashion, almost every day of the week.  Most days, they play on the slip-n-slide.  Josslyn is slightly skiddish of the water and has been the slowest to warm up, but the slip-n-slide is the perfect speed for her. 

Each of my kids has their own preffered way to play on the slip-n-slide. 
Luke likes to actually use the slip-n-slide for its intended purpose: running and sliding down it.
Danil prefers to army crawl down the slip-n-slide, and then get up and run down to do it again. 
Ray and Alik usually have some sort of plan as to what they want to do on the slip-n-slide that day.  Filling up buckets with waters, drinking well water(which daddy put a stop to), splashing each other, etc.
Josslyn and Kellen are the wild cards.  You just never know that they might be doing.

No matter which kid, they all love the slip-n-slide!
Here are a few pictures from one day playing on the slip-n-slide.

Everyone, except for Luke(he wasn't here that day).

Danil kinda looks like he is striking a pose.

Sweet Alik

Funny Josslyn

Yep, Ray is drinking the water in the background.

You know she is working hard when that tongue is hanging out.

I think Danil is trying to beat her!

Passing up his sister(She isn't putting up much of a fight, though.).
Is that the look of victory??

Yep, I'm one happy feller.

I'm pretty sure that the baby doesn't have a diaper on AND his onsie isn't snapped. 
Sheesh! What kind of mom am I?!

That's all for tonight folks! 

 Stay tuned for random pictures of the Carlin kiddos at play....

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Denise said...

Love Love Love. Your kiddos are sooooooooooo precious. Their faces tell the whole story. So glad you guys are finding ways to stay cool. Love reading the blogs keep them coming.