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Monday, June 27, 2011

More Sand

Weeeeeell, all that sandy sand in the sandbox got me in the mood for the beach last night. 
So, we went to the beach today.  The closest beach is about 30 minutes from our house, so it is very convenient for a little outing with the kids.
This is Josslyn this morning after she got herself all ready to go. 
I'm not sure what I love more, the Minnie Mouse jacket over her swimsuit, the cowboy boots, or her mop of a hair-do.  She is just too cute for words.
The sun was super sunny, so it was perfect beach weather.

Danil and Kellen, digging through the beach toys.
Kellen thought he'd have a better view from inside the wagon.
No, I don't tell them to pose like they adore each other. 
Actually, I whip out the camera because they are so cute together.
I would not consider myself a laid back person in general.  I am pretty much anal and uptight.  But there are a few things that I am laid back about.  Yes, that is Ray wearing ankle length leggins and a t-shirt, as opposed to a swim suit.
She couldn't find part of her swim suit this morning, so that is what she opted to wear.  As long as she wasn't going to complain about it, I could care less what she wore.

Yes, they really really love each other.

I know my pictures aren't all that great, but first off, I'm not photographer, and secondly, since I had six kids going 5 different directions(the twins usually go the same directions), I only had a minute or two to snap some shots, then I put the camera up so that I could focus on the kid's whereabouts.

Here is a little pictures of Danil from this evening.
He has been sitting like this lately and I think that it is too cute.

Here are the four middle children after baths, meds, and teeth brushin'.
If we have extra time between getting ready for bed and family worship, then they can look at books. 
 I thought my little duckies were too sweet all lined up in a row, so I just had to take a picture.

Ok, now all my boys are asleep and my girls are nearly out too, so it is time for me to finally take a shower.  Three of my kiddo's noses just started running.  It just so happens that today we ran out of vitamin C and pro-biotics today, so tomorrow we are going to go to the local health food store and pick up some more vitamins....and maybe some herbal tea.  And some fruit leather, just because that stuff is awesome.

As Danil would say, Night-Night!

P.S.  I'm thinking that I'm going to do a Q and A post soon because I get alot of the same questions, so I figure that there might be alot of you out there wondering the same things that I get asked alot.  So if you have any questions about our adoption, Down Syndrome, HIV, homeschooling, or how to get your husband to put his dirty clothes in the hamper, then just send 'em my way. 
Well, all except the getting your husband to put his clothes in the hamper one. 
 I still don't know the answer to that one....


Mel said...

Hehe maybe someone will leave you the answer to that one! :) I gotta tell ya, Timothy sits like that with his leg up, I tell him he looks like an old man! He usually has the funniest look on his face! Too cute!!

Cara said...

So funny at the bottom you mentioned doing a Q&A session because as I was reading I thought, "I want to ask how her family does worship time at night" but I wasn't going to ask and then I saw that. So I'm asking. =) Also, with your HIV+ kids and having a little one like Kellen at the same time, how do you handle certain things, I guess like as in what precautions do you take? I read somewhere that children should avoid sharing toothbrushes in case gums have bled a little at all, & with my two little ones I wonder how we might go about things like that because they're only 2 & 3 and still decide to swap toothbrushes or do other not-so-hygienic things if I turn my back too long! =) My husband and I are hoping to adopt a little boy with cerebral palsy but we're also considering being open to an HIV+ child if this hopeful adoption falls through and we're in the position where we'd be commiting to a different kiddo. We'd sure love to be able to be open to HIV+ kids but we get different information about what adopting families need to be prepared for practically if other little ones are in the home so I'd figure you'd really know some solid information about that, from one mom to another. Anyway, sorry this got so long. I've learned a lot from reading your blog and other adoptive parents' blogs, too. Thanks for sharing!

Tonya said...

Haha...your hamper comment totally made me laugh! My husband perpetually puts his clothes ON TOP of the hamper, which totally leaves me thinking, "Is that dirty and he couldn't quite open the lid or clean needing to go in the closet?" If you find the solution, PLEASE let me know! :) I do have some HIV questions; I will try to remember to shoot them your way in an email. I was so encouraged to read about your TCH visit. It sounded very positive! We are stuck right now unless a certain country expands its special needs list, but we are praying and hoping that will happen soon!

Gary and Tina Bell said...

I have followed your blog since you were in Ukraine and I have to say - You are the woman. I am so encouraged by your enthusiasm and energy. You are a wonderful mother.


Denise said...

Jessica you are an amazing woman and mother. I love reading your blogs and getting to see parts of your lives that we wouldn't normally see. I have only one question for you and that is when can we go with you guys to the beach lol.

Sarah said...

I have been following your blog for a relatively short time but enjoyed reading back a ways. I had to comment because when my husband and I first got married he had the SAME issue with the hamper. He was in the military at the time so his cammies were super dirty and it drove me nuts. After many discussions and pleadings I finally gave up. I started putting any clothes that didn't make it into the hamper on the floor next to his side of the bed (which for us was close to a wall so he HAD to walk on/over them). Yes, technically it took more effort for me to do that, but after a small pile up of clothes, discovering it was inconvenient to walk over, and a sudden lack of clean clothes, the issue "resolved itself" :) Good luck!

Shannon said...

Puh-leeze.... if you tell me you get Josh to put his clothes in the hamper I might think you're perfect, so just keep that one to yourself HAHA.

And for the record, I think you're super laid back.

And there's a beach 30 minutes from here? You need to share your secret. (I know. Eight years living here and I'm still clueless. It's sad.)

Can't wait for Q&A!!

Patty said...

I'm interested in your family worship too! We talked about starting something like that last night. I'm also just generally interested in answers to the standard sil is EXTREMELY paranoid & her fil is hiv+. She hardly lets her daughter in the same room & watches him like a hawk. I like to attempt to allievate her fears a little.
Also do the kiddos have a chore system? And I'm very impressed that everyone gets dressed & to church on time. We're still working on that one. :)
I gave up on the hamper problem years ago.