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Sunday, June 19, 2011

How's that for random

So yeah, it's Father's Day and all, but I am in no way prepared to do a Father's Day post, so instead I'll do something thing quick and easy while I have a few precious blogging minutes to spare.

Alik is amazing.  He is some sort of wonder-child.  Seriously.  One day I may share the depths of the doubts that Josh and I had about him in the first few weeks of knowing him.  I'll just do a super quick wrap up and say that God is super good, because if this had been the "Jessica Show" and not the "God Revealing His Awesomeness Show", then Alik would probably be still sitting in an orphanage in Ukraine.  Luckily, I am smart enought to know that I am super dumb when it comes to understanding God's ways.  Anyway, for now I am going to tell a little of how he amazes me. 

If I could describe Alik in one word, I would say "sponge".  That guy absorbes e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  No kidding.  He english is amazing too.  Here are some phrases he has picked up completely on his own:

-I know, baby.
-I'm sorry, baby.
-It's ok.
-I love you.
-Sit down at the table.
-Stop fussing.
-Stop it, Kellen.
-Yes, Ma'am.
-Come here.
-Daddy working.
-Baby sleeping. Shhhhhush. Be Quiet.
-Play outside.
-Put your shoes on.
-Wash your hair.

The kiddo is an English machine.  There are many other single words that he knows.  I would list them, but you would honestly get bored reading the list of all the words that he can say.  And then if I were to add to it all the words/phrases that he understands, then that would be pretty much neverending.  He awesome, and not just because of the language thing.  He is just pretty much awesome in general.  On a funny note, I don't know if I have shared or not that Alik is a major thumb sucker.  I haven't had to deal with this before, since all my bio kiddos took pacifiers, as opposed to sucking their thumb.  Anyway, Josh and I didn't want to break the habit right off the bat, since it is probably a major comfort to him and he has had so many life changes, as of late.  But lately, we have been gently trying to get him out of the thumb-sucking habit.  About a week ago, Alik and Ray made up a song that they will chant at any time of day, if Alik accidentally puts his thumbs in his mouth.  It's hilarious.  I have to admit that I am one blessed mama. My kiddos are amazing.

Happy Father's Day to all you daddies out there!


Micah said...

God blessed a super amazing FAMILY with a super amazing kid..... six of em actually but who's counting?
I see Alik's sweet face and I KNOW God answers prayers. To God be the Glory!

Carla Dobs said...

My younger sister sucked her thumb until she was about 8!

Seriously, my mom's third child who was nursed for about 2 years (would nurse first then pop the thumb in)...she sucked her thumb almost every night before bed until she was at least 8 (I know, I shared a bed with her!)

She needed the least time in braces of any of the 8 in our family and is now a SUPER SMART and amazing mom of 3 herself! It is just a (comforting) habit that will go away eventually!!

So glad to hear things are going well!!


Shannon said...

Precious. He IS amazing; I love that kid.

Kim said...

I just discovered your blog and have been reading it all afternoon. Your children are absolutely beautiful. My heart was breaking for little Alik as I read about his adjustment to visits with you all at the orphanage - and for you guys, too - and then when I got to how well he has done since he left I just got all teary eyed with a lump in my throat. His special qualities that you try to convey with words on your blog mist definitely come through.

ALL of your kids seem just amazing - and I simply cannot get over how much they all look alike. Meant to be, huh?

Kim said...

*mist should be most ;)