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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Take a peek. Say a prayer.

Hi folks!  I've posted before about orphans having to endure poor living conditions.  I have a particular orphanage in EE that weighs heavy on my heart.  Daniel's(and Josslyn's and Parker's) country is a large one made up of several different regions.  The conditions of the different orphanages vary alot by the region(sometimes they even vary alot IN the same region).  THANKFULLY, my kiddos orphanage is one of the nicer ones, orphanage 17.  They have warm clothes and food and even the luxury of disposable diapers for the ones who need them.  Not all ophanages in EE are so lucky.  Orphanage 9 is one of the poorer orphanages.  The children there are usually malnourished.  The ones with handicaps are transferred to adult mental institutions right when they turn 4 because they just don't have the resources to care for them at ophanage 9. 

Here is a link to the kids listed on Reece's Rainbow from orphanage 9.  Browse the list and see if God lays one of them on your heart that your could be a prayer warrior for.  Several of these children have large grants that would cover a good portion of their adoption expenses if someone chooses to adopt them.  Maybe one of them is your child.....

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Maryann said...

The work God is doing in you and through your family is so inspiring!!Keep strong knowing that you are caring for his children directly, and I'm sure there are plenty of blessings for you in Heaven and on this earth for all the work you are doing for His kingdom! Thank you for starting this blog, it's blessing my soul.