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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More of your questions answered

For this Q and A session I am not going to be the one answering your questions. I am going to let a sweet adoptive mom answer some questions via youtube. The video is about 11 minutes long, but she does a better job than me at answering some of the common questions we get.

Some of the questions she touches on are:
"Do you really need to adopt, you already have 3 children?", "What is the fate of an orphan with HIV if they are not adopted?", and "Why adoption?", just to mention a few.


Maryann said...

My husband and I are planning on adopting our first child and we wanted to adopt in the United States, do you know of any good adoption agencies we can contact!?

Blessed by your blog!!

Matthew said...

powerful, thanks

Jessica said...

Hi Maryann! I'd love to email you some info. Email me at and I will email you back. :)

nicole said...

I love Traci! She has been such a help to me through this process!! Her Dasha is beyond adorable- I love watching her run around and play with the other kids.