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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It Arrived!!!

Lots of good news!

-Our dossier has been delivered!!

-We have been promoted to the "Almost There" catagory on the RR website!

-The grant on our Family Sponsorship Page has grown this week!  All donations made to that account go through Reece's Rainbow and the donors are annonymous to us.  So THANK YOU to any of you who have donated to our grant!!

-There is a new chipin on my page.  The reason for this is because our adoption fund is slowly growing, so we no longer are needed $12,000 more.  The new chipin is set for $9500 because that is all we need to be fully funded!!!

-Upcoming fundraisers:
      ~I am a consultant for the company 31 Gifts.  All my proceeds go towards our adoption.  I have 2(possibly 3) parties scheduled in the next month, so anything I make will go towards our adoption.
      ~Chick-fil-a is hosting a fundraiser for our adoption on Monday, February 21st!!  We get 20% of all sales where the customer mentions our name, from 5:00-7:00!!
     ~March 5th we are having a garage sale.  All proceeds will go towards our adoption fund!  Several friends have donated their Goodwill items to our garage sale and we appreciate that very much!!
     ~March  10-12th Sarah's Treasure Box will be hosting an online fundraiser through her ETSY shop.  $5 from each pendant sale(where the customer mentions our name in the comment box when checking out) will go towards our adoption!!  I will be giving out detailed information about this fundraiser when it gets a little closer.
      ~There are a few items that we are wanting to sell, and the money we make will go guessed it, our adoption!!   One of these items is one of my surfboards.  If there are any surfers(or wanna be surfers) reading this, let me know if you are interested in a used(but in great condition) short board.
      ~We should get our tax return back in a week or two!!

I am hoping that all of these fundraisers together will shave several thousand dollars off of what we need to be fully funded.  Slowly, but surely, we are making steps towards having all the ransom we need for our kiddos!  I had plans to do a food fundraiser, but the recipie I tried flopped, so I am back at square one with that and time is running out on doing something like that.  We shall see.

I hope to post Daniel's story later tonight.  That is something that I have wanted to do from the beginning, but got so busy with the paperwork that I never got around to it.

I plan on spending the rest of my afternoon basking in the delight of knowing that our dossier is in our facilitator's hands.


Jordi said...

Yay!! I am so happy for you all!! I am so upset the day of the Chick-fil-a Fundraiser I will be all the way in Lubbock Trying out for volleyball :'(

Micah said...

This thing should have a "confetti" button!!! Yay YAY YAY! Thank you Lord!!!

Becky said...