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Saturday, July 12, 2008


***note*** I realized that my last post was titled "Three Weeks". I am completely nuts because the day we left from vacation was actually Treyson's one month birthday. I'm lucky to remember my own name these days.

Well, we made it back. We got home yesterday evening. On our way home we went by my sister's house in Houston and dropped Luke off. He is going to stay for a few days and play with Nathan and Jacob.

Overall I think I would say that our trip was good. The kids had alot of fun and that was the main goal, so mission accomplished on that one. Every place we went the kids really had a blast. I told Josh that the look on Luke's face as he watched Shamu perform, and Ray squealing with delight as she watched the rescued animals do tricks(both of those shows were at Sea World), made my entire vacation. It was pure delight. The kids had fun pretty much every where we went.

One of our biggest worries about the trip was how Ray would do in the car there and back. Since she was born she has hated riding in the car. She is better now than when she was an infant, but still isn't great. She completely adores Luke. Every thing that he does she finds amusing. When he laughs, she laughs. If he cries, she cries. So she spent a good bit of the ride just staring at him. Watching him talk or even just watch a movie on his portable dvd player was mesmerizing to her. She did better than we could have ever hoped for. That in itself was a HUGE blessing.

Another thing that I found surprising was that almost immediately after we got in the car and started driving to San Antonio the fog lifted. My head felt clear and in general I felt more "normal". That continued for then entired time we were away. I am still unsure of why. I thought about Treyson all the time, we talked about him all the time, and we bought souvenirs for him to place at his grave since he wasn't able to make the trip with us. But still my head was clear and I didn't feel immersed in my sorrow. It was a nice break. The dark cloud of saddness was waiting at my door the moment I got home. I didn't mind too much. It felt comfortable and familier.

There were a few negatives like our camera being stolen while we were at Sea World(that is all I am going to say about that because if I get started expressing how I feel about that I may completely lose my temper). Also, in the relaxation aspect, the vacation was not relaxing, especially for Josh. I don't know if you have ever tried to chase a 17 month old through the zoo, Sea World, the Riverwalk, and Splashtown...and pretty much any where else we went. It is not an easy job. Especially when that 17 month old is very strong willed and independent. At best it is completely exhausting.

In short, we had fun, made memories(that we have no documentation of. AGH!), but we are glad to be home.


Sara said...

So sorry about your camera! That is aweful. However, I am very glad you enjoyed your trip and were able to have a clear head for a bit. It is nice to get away sometimes...

Michael Paine said...

I am terribly sorry about your awful. I once heard Beth Moore say you will not find many pictures of my children as they were growing up because instead of being behind the camera capturing the memory...I was there with them making and capturing the memory in my heart. I only say this as a sort of comfort if it can be, I am so sure I would be totally bamfuzeled if my camera were stolen especially if it held precious memories. My is hope that if you never get that camera back you will never forget the memories you made on this trip with your beautiful family. Good job Mom and Dad you guys are SUPERparents...chasing a 17 mo. old is totally exhausting... way to be troopers!

Rooney's Little Musings said...

That stinks about your camera. Why are people so mean? I found your blog through sara's, and wanted you to know that I understand your post about hurting physically. I think I blogged something about that at one point. I never understood heartache either until I lost Henry.

Rooney's Little Musings said...


I don't know if you'll see this, but here's my email.