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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mostly My Joss

New Tattoo

We had a little visitor one day this week.  Here is a sneak peek at who it was. 
Can you guess who that little feller with Alik is?

So beautiful

I simply adore that face.

She is such a ham!

The twins

Those two really do have a "twin-like" connection.  God is good.

She adores her baby brother.

The cast comes off in two days!!  Whoo hooo!

Have a great week!  And I promise that in the next several days Shannon and I will be posting pictures of Anton, Lena, and Alik's reunion.  Between the two of us we have 11 kids(10 of which are five and under!).  That can make finding time for blogging difficult. Stay tuned though because this is the week we will make the long awaited post! 


Kim said...

The "by the fence" photo almost made me cray... :)

Micah said...

and just in case I haven't told you lately...
You make it look easy.

Shannon said...

Um, you're doing a much better job of blogging than I am - and yes, I agree with Micah - you make it look ridiculously easy.

Love you!!

I almost cried at that pic of of the boys, too. Can you believe this is our life?