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Sunday, September 25, 2011

As Paul Harvey Would Say...

and now, for the rest of the story.

At this point, the rest of our vacation pictures are pretty much anti-climatic, but I want to post them anyway.  Call it a mama compulsion.

Josh showing R, L, and A how to catch fish.

He is great at the beach.  Always so content.

On Wednesday my grandparents and Uncle Mike came by to visit for several hours.  When the kids saw my grandparents arrive you would have thought that they had not seen them for a year.  Kellen and Danil ran at full speed, yelling, "PAWPAW!!" when they saw them pull up. 

Uncle Mike needed a nap, but Danil just couldn't leave him alone.

Luckily, Uncle Mike was good natured enough to allow Danil to climb all over him while he was trying to nap.


Danil and Daddy


Luke eating a smore

Ray eating a smore

Alik and Joss do not care at all for smores.  KK was pretty much too busy to eat them.  I really wish I had gotten a picture of Danil eating smores though.  He always ended up covered in chocolate.  Hilarious.

So that winds up the picture of our little vacation.  Soon to come are pictures of Alik with Anton and Lena!

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Micah said...

The water looks SO CLEAR!!! Joss and Alik not so fond of s'mores... and cake... I think I need to spend ALOT more time with them.. maybe it'll rub off.