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Saturday, September 10, 2011

What We've Been Up To

Updates on everyone...

Josslyn is doing great!  She hasn't needed pain medicine in I don't know how long.  The only time she ever complains about her leg is if she has to do something she doesn't want to do, like EAT or go to bed.  If I announce that it's meal time she some times lets out a wail and says, "LEEEEGGGG HUUURRTTTSS!"  It is rather amusing at times, and then other times it is rather not. 

She is becoming more mobile.  She can roll over and scoot herself around.  She fell off the bed twice last night flipping herself around.  She is a pretty crazy sleeper, so now that she is more mobile her night time sleeping habits have gotten interesting.

She also has a new ride!
 She looks pretty proud of it, if you ask me!  The wagon makes it easier to tote her around the house so that she can be a part of all the action. 

Now THIS little guys has had a big week also!!
 If you are wondering what HE is so proud of, it is the fact that he has graduated from diapers to pull ups!!  This was a huge milestone for Danil, and for ME!  His potty training has been quite an adventure, and I'll post about it sometime.

Aren't they too cute?!

Ray with one of her school papers.

(Note her funky style.  I have no earthly idea where she gets it... *wink*)

Here is Luke playing golf with a stick.  That boys just loves sticks and this past week he found one shaped just like a putter.  He played stick golf for days.


The weather has been heavenly this past week, so the kids have been outside non-stop. 

She wants to participate too!

Poor girl just wants to be where the fun is.  Luckily, she has fun just watching them have fun.  Win-win.

She does have some fun of her own though.

Mowing with Daddy

This past week has been a mixture of excellent and extremely challenging all at the same time.  I am wading through some uncharted waters, parenting wise.  While I have found that seems to be an almost continual thing in parenting, this week has been especially challenging with one of my children.  I have been thanking God for the great weather and the contribution that has made in the attitudes of my other children.  Once I've waded a little deeper I'll post about the struggles Josh and I have been having with one of our kiddos. 

Overall, our weeks has been great though and so has our weekend, thus far.  Heck, I might even post again tomorrow. Stranger things have happened...


Patty said...

Glad to hear Josslyn's doing so well, and we will keep praying for you guys and smooth transitions, routines, etc. for everyone. You & Josh are doing an excellent job!

Molly said...

I haven't read your blog in awhile. How appropriate I read it today... Reed broke his tibia yesterday! Glad to see Josslyn is doing well!