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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jossy Update

So, my Joss can walk....sorta.  This video was taken a few days ago, which was the first time she started taking unassisted steps.  She has been on the go since the first day she got the cast off, though.  Here is a video from a few days ago(her walking ability is still pretty much the same today).

This is how I found her the day after she got her cast off
She was trying to climb over the baby gate.

The doctor said no running, jumping, climbing, rough housing for FOUR WEEKS, but the day after she got her cast off she was climbing over the baby gates in the house!  SHE was so proud, and I almost had a heart attack.  I don't know if I have mentioned this here or not, but Joss is fully in that 3 year old "WHY?" stage.  I keep having to tell her to stop climbing or to play more gently, and then the "why?" go in to full swing.  I really can't count how many times I have said, "Because the doctor said you couldn't do that yet."  Oh well.  At least she is feeling better.

Loving baby brother

That girl truly is a lover, not a fighter.  She'll take all the lovins that me, her daddy, or her siblings are willing to bestow on her.

Even though she isn't walking, she is all over the place. 
Here she is wearing my practice drill team hat from college.  Cutie pie.

Two days after Jossy got her cast off all the kids were playing in the backyard when several of the kids started yelling for me.  I came running to find Joss sitting at the top of the slide.

I thought, "Oh goodness, Joss climbed the ladder."
Much to my surprise, the kids informed me that Joss climbed the ROCK WALL to get to the slide.
Heart attack #2.


I really have no idea how I am going to keep that girl from re-breaking her leg for 3 weeks!

Friday night we took the kids to the Nederland football game.
Don't they look precious in their black and gold?  And, yes, Kellen is wearing a batman shirt, as opposed to a bulldog shirt, because I couldn't find his bulldog shirt so that was the only black and gold thing I could find....which is actually Danil's, but luckily they are pretty much the same size.

Josslyn  Alina Carlin

The whole fam

The twins

This feller loves him some football!!
(even though he called it either soccer or baseball the entire time)

Well, that is what we've been up to.  My head is FULL of blogging topics that I feel like I need to share, both for the sake of others and for my own get-it-off-your-chest type thing, but who knows when I'll find the time.  If is much easier for me to just post picture of my cute kids doing cute things......

Night Ya'll!

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Joss is the cutest thing ever.