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Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Gimpy Princess

Here are a few pictures of Josslyn from the past couple of days.

THIS is when Josslyn started to perk up. 
Notice how she is holding Ray's hand with one hand and clinging to her arm with the other hand.

Yes, Josslyn does haver writing on her leg.  While she was sleeping on the couch, Kellen so kindly drew on her with a dry erase marker.  Someone forgot to inform him that it was the OTHER leg he was supposed to sign.  Regardless, Josslyn was NOT happy about that.  He also drew on the couch in the recliner.  I was not happy about that.

Watching TV with Luke and Ray

I have mostly been feeding Josslyn, and she has been eating it up.  Litterally.  We have been having food issues with her lately(which I am sure I will post about in greater detail at some point), but now that I have been spoon feeding her, she is eating like a champ.  She just might put on some weight and bust outta that cast! 

In a hip carrier
Now that she is feeling better she wants to be up and all over the place.  She generally sticks pretty close to me through out the day, so now is no different.  For the most part she wants to be where ever I am.  Since I am all over the place alot of the day, I have been wearing her from time to time throughout the day.  The baby wearer in me has been loving it, and Josslyn thinks she is in heaven.  Works for both of us.

Sitting outside watching everyone play.

Being silly.
She is still typical Josslyn.  You whip out the camera and she starts posing.

After getting her hair washed and a spit bath(that's what we called it growing up...)
Her poor little hair gets so matted during the day with all the laying she does.  She this is the position I put her in while her hair dries.

Looking at books

She joined in on play time today

She thought her cast made a perfect train track

See Alik doting on her??
Alik was probably the most worried about Josslyn while she was in the hospital.  Today she had him bringing her every little toy she wanted.  He didn't mind a bit.  He is very sweet natured and sensitive to others.  And yes, that is a small room(all our rooms are small), but 6 children play very happily together, even in small rooms.


I'm sure you noticed the many positions I have been putting Josslyn in.  I keep thinking how sore and bored I would be if I had to lay on my back all the time, so I have been trying to provide her some variety.  She is doing excellent.  Her pain is minimal.  I'm quite amazed at how well she is doing.  Resilient.

Oh, one of you asked if Josslyn was in a spica cast.  After seeing the pictures, I'm sure you can see that her cast is a spica cast.  For those of you who had/have no idea what a spica cast is....well, that is what her kind of cast is called.  It covers one whole leg, wraps around her wasit, and goes down half her other leg.  Doesn't leave room for much mobility.  It would drive me absolutely crazy if I was the one having to wear it.  For those of you who are familiar with spica casts, I have a question.  She is supposed to have her cast for 6 weeks.  She goes back to the dr in 3 weeks.  At that appointment will she get a new cast?  And if she does get a new cast is it possible that it will be less of a cast than it is now?  Just curious.  Joss was still asleep from the anesthesa when I talked to the doctor, so I just listened to what he said and didn't really ask many questions.

Soon to come are two Q and A posts.  I was actually working on them less than10 minutes before Joss hurt her leg. 

Good night, ya'll!


Micah said...

I have to wonder if you can REALLY see what a GOOD Momma you are. If you can't ... take it from me... YOU. ARE.

Jesse said...

Oh my goodness, poor Josslyn with her broken leg! She seems to be taking it like a trooper! The pic of her holding Ray's hand is so sweet. She is THE most precious girl, she looks so happy and in love with her new Momma and family! God is good to give you such sweet children and to give them YOU guys as a family!

Jesse said...

I also forgot-my son had hernia surgery in June, at 18 months old. The 45 min he was under anesthesia was the longest and worst 45 min of my life. I know exactly how you must have felt-totally helpless as you send your child off to be put under anesthesia. It really tests your faith! Glad everything went well.

Cléo said...

The train track on her cast : ) She sees the joy/possibilities in everything!

Kat said...

I wouldn't expect the to recast her after 3 weeks unless the cast is unusually dirty or smelly, but who knows, they might. I'd imagine part of that decision depends on how well she tolerated the anesthesia the first time and whether they want to put her under again. Also, unfortunately, I think she is already at pretty much the minimum amount of cast for a broken femur :( They MIGHT cut off the cast below her right knee, to match the left side, if it looks like it is healing really well. That depends on a lot of things, though. It's something to ask them about.

Depending on her comfort level in the cast, there is a product called the cast cooler that you may want to look in to. I have heard rave reviews.