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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kellen and Kids Praying

Josh is working nights this weekend.  When he works nights on the weekend I usually entertain myself with my many children.  Last night was Friday, and every Friday night(unless we have other plans) we watch a movie as a family and eat popcorn.  Last night we watched "Duma", which is a pretty good movie about a cheetah.  The kids all love animal movies, so this one was undoubtably a hit.  During the movie Kellen was being  Of course he toned it down as soon as I got out the video camera, but I thought I'd post this little video anyway. 
( Note, the other children who are not quite as amused with him as I am, since I paused the movie to video him.)

This second video is from later that night when we gathered in the girl's room to pray.  Luke prayed first and when he prayed for Josslyn's leg, Joss immediately joined in the prayer and prayed at length(I'm assuming she was also praying for her leg??).  After Luke prayed, Ray prayed.  Josslyn prayed all through Ray's prayer and continued after Ray was done.  No sooner had she finished than she remember another requests and started praying again.  It was so precious.  I finally decided that I needed to document it for Josh to see, so I went and got the video camera.  When I came back in the room with the camera she was praying again.  After I videoed her praying, Luke and Ray wanted to re-pray for Daddy to see too.
(Note, Luke prays that Daddy will bring doughnuts home in the morning for breakfast.)

Have a good rest of the weekend!  For those of you with kiddos, I hope you are enjoying yours as much as I'm enjoying mine! 


Emi said...

They are all so cute!

Denise said...

Sweet babies. You are such a wonderful mother :). Love that Alik spoke on camera. I remember the shy little boy that your brought home. He has come a very very long way in such a short time. :))))))

P.S. Doughnuts are a must :)

belehcar said...

The kids are absolutely adorable!

Micah said...

I totally "second" that Adorable comment!! God has blessed your children with such sweet hearts.

Patty said...

That was great, and I love Alik's southeast Texan "ba ba!"

Jennifer Douga said...

I love it!!! Such beautiful kids talking to God. How awesome...So did daddy bring donuts home?