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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Danil's Birthday and God's Grace

Yesterday was Danil's 5th birthday.  Today we celebrated his birthday with family, hot dogs, swimming, and cake.  I'm almost at a loss for words when I think about what a victory it is that Danil is alive and healthy and a part of our family.  This birthday could very easily have been a very different one for him.  In stead of cake, presents, and balloons, he could have been in an institution where no one would have acknowledged his birthday.  No one would have told him that now he is 5.  No PawPaw and Grandma to buy him a keyboard or Aunt and Uncle to buy him a drum set because they both know how much he loves music.  No Papa and Granna to brag about him to everyone they meet.  No brothers, sisters and cousins to play with.  No family to sing happy birthday to him over and over because of how happy it makes him.  No proud grandfather that makes everyone in the room be quiet so that Danil can sing "Jesus Loves Me" for the umpteenth time.  No Granny to share his story with others while on a mission trip in Mexico.  No countless family members and friends that just can't help but love on him everytime they see him.

No, life for Danil could very easily have been different. 

 Praise God for intervening on Danil's behalf.  When we committed to adopt Danil, we knew that his transfer from the baby house to a mental institution was already in the works.  We knew that it was going to take and act of God alone to keep Danil from being transferred before we were able to get to him.  We were trying to get to him as fast as we could, but as fast as we could turned out to be 6 and a half months.  While that is rather quick in the adoption world, it is like years when you are one lone orphanage director acting on behalf of one little boy who is viewed as worthless by most in his country.  The orphanage director at Danil's orphanage will forever be one of my heroes.  She fought so hard to keep Danil from being transferred.  She told the State over and over, "Please please wait, his family is coming soon! I promise!"  She begged and pleaded and delayed and delayed, until we FINALLY got there.  Her soft spot for Danil was the biggest blessing from the Lord.  Had she not loved Danil so, she wouldn't have been as motivated to fight for him. She litterally puts her freedom on the line for the children in her orphanage.

So God answered our prayer and protected out little sunshine boy.  He stepped in and did what we couldn't do from so many mile away.  And THEN he provided a way for us to get to him...
just in the nick of time.

I don't think I'll ever know why God has blessed me so.  God's Grace at it's finest.

Happy 5th birthday, my little sunshine boy!  I hope you enjoyed your first birthday party of many!
We ALL love you very much!


Mel said...

HAPPPPPPY BIRthDAY sweet little Danil!!! Timothy sends BIG HUGS!! :)

rjenks said...

Beautiful picture! Happy 5th Birthday Danil!!

For Her Redemption said...

AW, Love the picture. What a great post to put things into prospective. Brings tears to my eyes! Happy 5th Birthday Handsome little guy!

Samantha said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. In a happy way, of course. Happy Birthday to Danil! And hugs & kisses from one of his biggest fans. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Micah said...

happy. tears. What an amazing blessing all the way around. Love ya'll!

Colleen said...

Like others, VERY happy tears! I so miss your updates and am so happy Danil is doing well. The picture is breathtaking!