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Monday, August 8, 2011

Basking in the Glow of Success

Right now I am sitting back and enjoying the victory of a successful first day of school.  In spite of one child waking up at the crack of dawn, one child having explosive diarhea, one child getting a bad stomach ache, and one child single handedly trying to interfere with everything the preschoolers did(same tired child that woke up at dawn), it was still a great day!  I have six young kids, so I have completely acccepted the fact that nothing is ever going to go as according to plan.  Fortunately, it appears that I over estimated the time needed for each subject on our agenda.  So when we did run into little issues here and there it didn't totally throw my day off.  Once we get in a groove I might have to tweek our schedule a bit, but for now we are sticking with it(at least for tomorrow anyway). 

The preschoolers went pretty much as I expected.  I had to keep it a little under Ray's level and ability to keep it relavant to Alik.  But Ray and Alik seemed to love school today and participated great.  Josslyn loved being a part of what Ray and Alik were doing.  While I don't think she is grasping most of what we are doing, she is still developing her fine motor skills and listening skills and having a great time while doing it.  Given a choice, I think Danil rather be playing with Kellen than sitting at the school table, but with his easy going nature he wasn't a distraction.  I just don't think he got much out of what we were doing.  I am going to give it a couple of weeks, but I am considering not bringing him to the school table with the preschoolers and letting him play with Kellen while I work with the preschoolers, and then I will spend some time each day working with Danil by himself on his own level.  I need several more days to figure out what is best for him.

Luke was my big shocker today.  He was the one that got the bad stomach ache, yet he insisted on doing school....just from the recliner.  Every time he finished on subject/activity he kept asking to do more school.  That was not his attitude last school year at all, so this was a very nice surprise for me.

I totally planned on taking a picture of all the kids on the first day of school, but I totally forgot.  I did take a couple of pictures though, so I will post them soon.  I will try to remember to get a group picture tomorrow.  Also, now that I am back in blogging mode I might actually get around to posting the Q and A post I mentioned a couple of months ago.  I have jotted down the questions you all have asked, but if there is any more that you would like to throw out there then go right ahead and I'll add them to the list.

'Night ya'll!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I have some questions for you. Please disregard if any are too personal for your blog.

So far, has HIV been easier or harder to manage than you imaged?

Did you incur any out of pocket medical expenses related to the HIV when first home?

If you could choose just one more child (from RR) that you met on your trip to find a family, who would it be?

My family is back and forth between doing two adoptions several years apart or completing our family all at once by adopting two at the same time. The biggest advantage being the money that would be saved. Do you have any advice?

What were the kids' full birth names before adopted?

How open have you been about Alik and Josslyn's positive status? Is there anyone that you have told that you now wish you could "un-tell".