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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Need a diamond ring??

Maybe not. I'm sure most of you probably don't need a diamond ring. Especially not a wedding set like the one pictured below. But for $5 dollars you can be entered in a raffle for this very wedding set. While you may not need a diamond ring, but what about a diamond? The diamond in this ring is the perfect size to make a beautiful diamond pendant necklace. Gold is valued at an all time high right now, so $5 could win you not only a diamond that could make a beautiful necklace, but it could win you some extra cash with Christmas right around the corner. The drawing will be held on December 10th(plenty of time to get you some cash for gold before Christmas, or turn the diamond in to a necklace for yourself or someone else.) Every $5 is a raffle entry, and every $25 gets you an extra entry(so that would be 6 entries instead of 5). Feel free to donate in any amount: $6.00, 0.76 cents, $2.11, $9.91. Every single donation is appreciated, and as I've said before, God truly does multiply even the smallest of donations. Just for one day, make some Maxwell House at home and skip the Starbucks. Donate that 5 bucks you saved to our adoption fund, and that just might win you a beautiful diamond and some extra cash!! Use the Chip In thingy on the top right side of my blog to enter the raffle. Chip In uses paypal, so if you don't have Paypal, or rather donate another way, just email me at, and let me know.

Here is one last look at what your entering to win....

Gorgeous picture, right?! It was taken by a talented photographer friend that uses her talent as a ministry. What a blessing!
Now go enter the raffle!

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