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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Are you Kate's mama?

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that November is adoption aweness month, and that my goal for this month is to make my readers more aware of adoption and the needs of orphans. I have a blog post I'd love to share with you. For those of you who are locals and attend Hillcrest Baptist Church with me, this will be an extra treat for you. The lady who wrote the blog post I am going to link it is Cheryl Johnson's sister!! Cheryl is our Minister of Educations wife, and I know that you will be thrilled to have a little peek in to her sister's life. Her sister has adopted several kids from Russia and EE, and is actually in the process of adopting a little girl from EE at this very moment. She is in Daniel's country and is just a doll! The blog post was written on Sunday, which was Orphan Sunday, and it could not be more fitting. Her post called, "Kate" broke my heart. While I am thrilled to my core and praising God that he has chosen us to have a hand in saving Daniel's life, my heart is constantly breaking for the ones left behind. My Reece's Rainbow friend, Mel, who is adopting a little boy from Daniel's orphanage right now, says that the children understand. The nannies explained to her(through a facilitator) that the children have seen parents come to the orphanage and adopt other boys and girls. They know what a mama and papa are and what a family is. They may not fully understand, because they have yet to experience it, but they know that the boys and girls who leave the orphanage with parents stay forever with the people who have been coming everyday for several weeks to love on them. Mel said that when she walks by the children they point and say that she is Timothy's mama. They know. When she is with Timothy near the other children, if she squats down to talk to him or give him hugs, the other children crowd around. They want to share a bit of Timothy's experience. They want a bit of Timothy's mama, since they have no mama of their own.

This breaks my heart. And this isn't an isolated case. You can check out Cheryl's sister, Marsha, at A Bunch of Whaleys(and boy, there is a bunch of them!), and you can also read about sweet Kate, who is waiting for her mama to come for her.

*Here is a link to Kate on the Reece's Rainbow website.)


Penelope said...

Thanks for such a touching post. I had never heard of Reece's Rainbow until this month. What an inspiring ministry.
Would love for you to add your adoption story to our blog hop.

Rooney's Little Musings said...

Breaks my heart to read the story about Kate, and also to know there are sooo many.

It would be so much harder for people to ignore the orphan situation if they all had to hear the sweet children cry out, "My Mama?"