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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kreativ Blogger (award)

Awww! I got an award!! My sweet friend, Jennifer, a.k.a. my wise friend,(not to be confused with my wise confidant, or my wise sister. Aren't I lucky to have at least three wise women in my life that I can use as sounding boards for my bouncing thoughts when needed??), has given me a blog award! Like I said, isn't she sweet?

Here are the rules:

1.Link back to the person who gave you the award.

2. List seven things you LOVE

3. Link to seven blogs and let them know you have an award waiting for them on your blog.

Like Jennifer said, I'm not going to list my husband and kids, or any family members for that matter. Heck, I'm not even going to mention God. I love them dearly and deeply, but my seven things are going to be more random and silly things that you might not know about me. So, here goes...

1. I love the beach. (okay, so I didn't start out with an unknown revelation, but I just couldn't not mention it.) I love everything about the beach!(another quick side note. I don't actually love EVERYTHING. I don't like thinking about sharks when I'm surfing. I don't like it when a bunch of dead fish wash up and it makes the beach stink like...well, dead fish. I also don't like it when oil gets spilled in the water. And I really don't like it when people litter. But I'll shut up now because this is a LOVE list, not a gripe list. Besides those previously mentioned things, though, I really do pretty much love everything about the beach.) I love the sounds, the smells, the sand, the water, surfing, sandcastles, watching the kids play.....the list could literally go on forever. I also love anything that reminds of me the beach. Beachy colors, any thing that looks like it would be in a beach house, and beach paraphenalia. Needless to say the beach is a part of me.

2. I love the show Big Brother. When it is on, my world revolves around it(probably not quite so much now that we have DVR though.). Even when it is kinda trashy I can't help but watching it. I guess the reason I love it so much is because I think of it as the epitomy of reality tv. I know it is somewhat edited, but still, it seems to get down to the nitty gritty of who people really are and I love that. No secrets. (Another contributing factor probably is the fact that I read George Orwell's "1984" over a decade ago but the whole creepiness of the whole big brother thing always stuck with me.)

3. I love being outside. Now that spring is here I find it very difficult to get my inside housework done. I want to be outside as much as I possibly can. It is causing quite an issue with things like, getting the dusting, vacuuming, and toilet cleaning done. Oh well. Soon it will be too hot to spend the entire day outside and I'm sure that I will have more than enough time for housework.

4. I love texting. I'm not much of a phone person when it comes to talking, but I can text my head off. My brother-in-law and I always joke about who has the fastest thumb. I do, of course, hands down. When Josh and I started dating we texted each other several HUNDRED times a day. We still use texting as a mode of communication. At times we even still text each other when we are in the same room.

5. I love my chickens. No seriously. I really really love my chickens. It all started when I was a young teen. We lived in a country town. My dad went to the video rental store to get a movie and came home with a baby chick. (that's kinda how it works in the country. The honest to god deal was, a free baby chick with a movie rental.) So, we named her Peck. She was an awesome chicken. She acted more like a dog than a chicken. Our family had a big garden at the time and every kid was required to spend 45 minutes a day pulling weeds and working in the garden. Peck as like a litte side kick. She would follow me while I worked, eating worms and grass and just being a little sweet heart. So when Josh and I got our first batch of chicks three years ago, we were lucky enough to end up with another little mother hen like Peck. When our dog had puppies the hen used to sit in the kennel with the puppies whenever the mama dog was away. Needless to say...I'm in love with chickens. I know that some people find them creepy, but I absolutely LOVE being a chicken farmer.

6. I love hot tea. Josh and I drink hot tea every single night without fail. I drink green tea in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoons, and then in the evenings we drink herbal tea. It's just our thing, I guess. It would feel weird if we didn't do it. Same routine every night. Josh says, "You want tea, babe." I say, "Yes." He says, "Big mug or little mug." I say, "Big mug." Always the same exact exchange. I guess that's marriage for you.

7. I love my best friend. More important than my right arm. More memories than a Tolstoy novel. Enough said.

Here are the seven blogs I am honoring:

1. Rachel at Time for Little R and R

2. Allie at Salad Days

3. Amanda at The Hoyt Family

4. Hollie at Everything Changes

5. Erika at Musings From a Stay at Home Mom

6. Jennifer at A Journey of Love and Faith

7. Well....there isn't going to be a 7. I can do this how I please, right?


Ryon and Rachel said...

Aww...thanks!!! I've never received a blog award before! Yay!!! I'll work on a blog for Saturday. Thanks again!!!

Erika said...

Wow, thank you so much! My first blog award, I am so excited! =)

AmandaHoyt said...

Thank you, Jessica! I appreciate the award and hope to blog about it soon :)

sheela said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Allie Garcia said...

wow! thank you! that is so sweet. as soon as easter-mania is over i will definitely blog about this. :)
Happy Easter! Jesus is Alive!

trying to see through the pastel eggs,

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