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Sunday, September 25, 2011

As Paul Harvey Would Say...

and now, for the rest of the story.

At this point, the rest of our vacation pictures are pretty much anti-climatic, but I want to post them anyway.  Call it a mama compulsion.

Josh showing R, L, and A how to catch fish.

He is great at the beach.  Always so content.

On Wednesday my grandparents and Uncle Mike came by to visit for several hours.  When the kids saw my grandparents arrive you would have thought that they had not seen them for a year.  Kellen and Danil ran at full speed, yelling, "PAWPAW!!" when they saw them pull up. 

Uncle Mike needed a nap, but Danil just couldn't leave him alone.

Luckily, Uncle Mike was good natured enough to allow Danil to climb all over him while he was trying to nap.


Danil and Daddy


Luke eating a smore

Ray eating a smore

Alik and Joss do not care at all for smores.  KK was pretty much too busy to eat them.  I really wish I had gotten a picture of Danil eating smores though.  He always ended up covered in chocolate.  Hilarious.

So that winds up the picture of our little vacation.  Soon to come are pictures of Alik with Anton and Lena!

Vacation Pictures

Blogger wouldn't let me upload all the pictures I wanted to.  So I guess I'll have to do this post in two parts.  I know what you folks really want, is pictures of Alik's reunion with Anton and Lena.  But this post(and the next one, I guess) is just going to be vacation stuff.  Hang around a day or two and you will get to see reunion pics.  I haven't even had a chance to send the picture to their MAMA, so I rightfully can't show them to you just yet...

Anyway, here are the pics of our vacation.  
Danil lovin' a baby doll while Alik, Ray, and Anne watch cartoons.

I just love this picture.  The sweetie on the far left is my niece, Anne.

For the record, Anne is a feisty one.  ALL my nieces and nephews call me "Aunt Jess".  Anne, on the other hand, calls me "Jessica".  I find it thoroughly amusing.  Her mom and dad don't know what to make of her.  But I think she is alot like me.  Love. Love. Love.

KK and my nephew, Peter, playing cooking.  Both of them fellers like to eat, so this is not at all surprising.

Kale went missing for a while.  I found him in our room eating gum.  I counted a total of five gum wrappers.

Love them kiddos.
(From left to right, Ray, my nephew, Nathan, my nephew, Jacob, Luke, and Alik)

Eating hot dogs, links and boudain.

On Sunday my mom and her boyfriend, Lanny came to visit for the afternoon.  They brought Lanny's new golf cart.  Kale fall in love with it and was convinced that he could drive it.

Trying to get it started.

Even with a cast, my sweet pea can still have a blast where ever she is.

BIG smiles.  LOVE her.

He STILL thinks he can drive the golf cart.

My sis and her adoring baby boy.  He just loves his mama.

Danil LOVES my sister.
(And there is Kale in the background,  With the golf cart key...)

Peter.  My sweet fat baby nephew.

Boys will be boys.
(Nathan, Jacob, Luke, and Peter)

My KK boy

Josh taught the baby how to hold the body board like a surf board.  Surfer KK.

Lanny holding Anne, Granny, Alik, Ray, Luke and Nathan

Now he's trying to skim board.  Go KK!

The twins.  I just love 'em.

My bro-in-law, Stephen, my sis, Hannah, and Danil.

Watching cartoons in the early morning.

Me and my girls on the ferry to Galveston.
 Caker boy at Landry's.  He just LOVED the mac-n-cheese.

Joss liked the mac-n-cheese too!

Caker's whole face loved it.

We ended up receiving several unexpected blessing while eating at Landry's seafood.  One of those blessings was that the owner of Landry's father fell in love with our kiddos and paided for us to ride the ride at Rainforest cafe(which his daughter also owns) as many times as we wanted.  All my boys loved it!

My girls, on the other hand, were not so fond of it.

Outside Rainforest Cafe

Watching the waterfall

Watching the crocadile.  Or crockadeal, as they say in Ukraine.

Oh you think she can't climb up there by herself?

Yep, she did.

View from our balcony of Josh and the kids walking to the beach.

Ray toting Joss and KK in the wagon.

So that is all the pictures that blogger would let me upload this time.  I still have a few more that I want to post so hang tight!