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Sunday, August 22, 2010

School is back in session!

Well, summer is over. Not technically, season wise, but summer break is over for the Carlin kiddos. Tomorrow is our first official day of the school year. Luke will be starting 2nd grade, Ray will be doing some light preschool work, and Kale will be doing his normal baby stuff. ;) I am very much looking forward to getting back in to some sort of routine. I have spent hours getting together a schedule for us to follow. Coordinating trying to school two, with a baby in the mix has proved to be a challenge....and that's just the scheduling part. I am sure it will take us a week or two to work out all the kinks in the schedule, but I'm looking forward to giving it a go tomorrow. I'll be sure to post how it all goes.

Oh, and here is another good post for homeschooling moms to read. For those of you who don't already follow her blog, well you should. She's witting and honest, and I can't think of a better combination than that. Check out her latest homeschool post here.

Go Carlin Christian Academy!!
(That isn't really the name of our school, but it seemed fitting to end with some sort of school spirit cheer. )


MamaJ said...

Ha, I love that "Kale will be doing his normal baby stuff." Yeah, Halia is doing her normal toddler-into-everything-stuff while we try and do school. So, do you have a name for your school? We don't really. I wanted Legacy Christian Academy, but there's that school in Bmt called that...I dunno.

(Thanks for helping my guys out Saturday! We're glad y'all lived around the corner from where they were!)

Jessica said...

No problem. :) It was all Josh. I was doing "normal mommy stuff" at the time. lol
And no name. Haven't really thought about it. Carlin Christian Academy does have a nice ring to it though. lol

Jennifer said... of luck with homeschool. I will be praying for your sanity!